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Top secrets, a woman would never tell her husband

By Anuj Cariappa
Google Oneindia News

After one ties the knot, life takes a turn for many. There are several secrets that are not shared although you and your partner live under the same roof. There are many topics that women are not comfortable sharing with their husband.

Top secrets, a woman would never tell her husband

The Times of India asked seven married women about the things that they would never disclose to their partners.

Missing an ex:

One woman said that although she loves and respects her husband, there have been times when she has ended up comparing him with her ex. She said that while that is not healthy, she feels that no one is perfect. She has been married for three months and is still trying to make peace with her past.

The past:

The Times of India spoke to another woman who said she has been asked by her husband about how many romantic relationships she has had in the past. She says that she dodges the subject. It has been three years since her marriage and if she talks about her past, her husband could become insecure. What is more important is that she is a dedicated and loving wife and the past no longer impact her present.

The career:

Another woman said that she gave up her career to look after the kids and run the household. She says that she expects some appreciation from her husband, even though she does not expect him to help out in the household chores. She feels that she is doing a thankless job and regrets giving up her career.

Taking up for the mother:

Another lady that TOI spoke with said that she and her mother-in-law do not share a cordial relationship. When they get into an argument, the husband always takes the mother's side, she said. She says that secretly she cries at times as she feels like a stranger at times in the family.

Pretending to love his parents:

This lady says that she never gets along with her in-laws. She says that she pretends that she is happy living with them. She says that she has made peace with the fact that her in-laws would never treat her like their own daughter and cannot love and care for them the same way as she does for her parents.

This video of woman caught eating food with hands at wedding will make you laughThis video of woman caught eating food with hands at wedding will make you laugh

Physical relationship:

Another woman that TOI spoke with said she is waiting for the right opportunity to tell her husband that the physical relationship with him is not just about his pleasure. She feels that her husband dedicates the least time for foreplay.

The gossip:

This lady says that she does not share everything in her best friend's personal life or crib about her relatives in front of her husband. She feels that he spills out all her secrets to his mother and hence she does not want anyone to judge her near and dear ones.

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