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Top Games Of 2019 That Are Making Us Super Excited

By Anuj Cariappa

Gaming is today bigger than all other forms of entertainment put together. In fact, the revenue from the gaming industry last year is much higher than TV, movies, and music. This is as per reports submitted by Reuters in June 2018 - Consumers love their games and no matter what challenge you throw their way, they come back with confidence. Matching the excitement and thrill of games, here are some of the most anticipated games for this year. Note the launch month and get ready to play the most exciting, thrilling and fun games of 2019.

Top Games Of 2019 That Are Making Us Super Excited

Age Of Wonders: Planetfall

Release: 2019

Platform(s): Windows PC

This game comes under Triumph Studios' and they previously restricted themselves to the standard fantasy genre of games. With the Age of Wonders, they go the science fiction way. Along with Sid Meiler's Alpha Centauri like the tale of planetary colonization that involves weaponry, aliens and genetic engineering, this game has something, that appeals to almost any player out there. Planetfall is a much-awaited game of this year that has used technologies in a smart way to construct armies and expand borders.


Release: February 22, 2019

Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

There are many popular games under this game, right from Mass Effect to The Knights of the Old Republic. These games come from EA's BioWare Studios with the newest addition being Anthem, all set to release next month. This is an all-new action RPG and is played online. It focuses on players coming together and collectively taking on missions.

This is a game that gets you all excited, filling you with a thrilling and gorgeous feeling. Players can see themselves flying through air, whenever they want. We can confidently say that there's a streak of adventure unseen in other games.

Cash Games

Release: 2019

Platform(s): Across all platforms

Yes, it is a broad term and it brings under its wings the biggest gaming segment of India. With rummy card game, teen patti and poker, these games bring something new this year as well. Yes, they are already up and running successfully. However, what we can see this year is new features getting added and bigger cash rewards as well. The last year saw different tournaments for online rummy with exclusive offline events. But that's not the only thing that is making us so excited. This year we can see new variants getting introduced, new gameplay tables in poker and also different eSports joining the bandwagon of cash games in 2019.

Devil May Cry 5

Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox

This is a direct sequel of DMC 4, only with a lot more excitement on the plate. This game is set in a fictional place inspired by the 21st century London, though there are a few speculations around it. What makes it unique is the contrast between the gameplay and the design of the game. The design comes from the 2013 DMC, that is from the original series and the game concept is absolutely different as compared to the previous ones.

The combat may seem the same but is far sleeker and more accurate along with some new features subtly added to the game.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Release: January 29, 2019

Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Anyone who loves Toy Story just can't ignore this game. With Woody, Buzz, Rex and the remaining Toy Story group comes Kingdom Hearts 3, coming soon on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It is an action adventure game with different Disney characters and their worlds getting mashed up with characters that could be right at home in a Final Fantasy game.

If you are thinking what is a Toy Story game doing in this list, then how many readers here can really ignore a Disney series? Along with Toy Story characters, we also find Donald Duck, Goofy and Sora who plays the main character in this upcoming new game.

Days Gone

Release: Apr 26, 2019

Platform(s): PlayStation 4

Enjoy those zombie games that can keep you glued for hours? Well, this is the game that will keep you engaged for a long time. This is an adventure that's set in the Pacific Northwest, where a motorcyclist bounty hunter has different traps and brute force to tempt a big number of undead into choke points. The zombies, individually quite silly, together challenge the player. They come in different models that require the player to change strategy constantly.

The Verdict

There are many more games that will keep 2019 sizzling with action. Each game has something different to offer and of course, there are different platforms here in question. So PUBG is not the only game that is going big in India. Select games that are fun and challenging at the same time. Games like Rummy card game, and Anthem can be played on multiple platforms and that makes is super-efficient. Get started right on.

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