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Top five Myths on Lunar Eclipse or Chandra Grahan in India


New Delhi, July 16: The greatest partial eclipse when the Moon will look the darkest will be around 3 am, and much of the world will be able to watch this celestial phenomenon.

It will be visible in Australia, Africa, South America, most of Europe, and Asia. In India, the Partial Eclipse will begin at 1:31 a.m and the maximum eclipse will occur at 3 a.m. The partial lunar eclipse will end at 04:29 a.m.

Top five Myths on Lunar Eclipse or Chandra Grahan in India

The total duration of the eclipse is 5 hours, 34 minutes. The duration of the partial eclipse is 2 hours, 58 minutes.

Partial Lunar Eclipse or Chandra Grahan 2019: Date, Time, SignificancePartial Lunar Eclipse or Chandra Grahan 2019: Date, Time, Significance

Lunar Eclipse referred to as Chandra Grahan and Surya Grahan respectively, hold special significance in the Hindu calendar.

There are also many superstitions that revolve around this lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan, right from restricting consumption of food at a particular time to actually banning people from watching the celestial event live.

Here are the facts vs myths on Chandra Grahan or lunar eclipse that everyone needs to know

Eating at the time of Lunar Eclipse

Many believe that consumption of food at the time of Chandra Grahan causes indigestion. Hence, they don't eat and even drink water. However, researchers have made it clear that eating food or drinking water during Lunar Eclipse or Sonar Eclipse does not harm your health in any way.

Watching Chandra Grahan

Indians believe a superstition that a person can lose eyesight by watching Chandra Grahan as strong rays that are common for any eclipse harms naked eyes. But there are protective glasses which can be used while watching Lunar Eclipse.

Chandra Grahan 2019: Major Hindu temples to close during eclipseChandra Grahan 2019: Major Hindu temples to close during eclipse

Scar for a lifetime

According to some superstitions, if you cut yourself during Lunar Eclipse, the bleeding will take a longer time to stop and will leave a scar for a lifetime.

Bath after Chandra Grahan

It is believed that after the Grahan is over, one should take a bath in the holy river Ganges and change to new clothes. Taking a dip in holy water will lead to salvation or moksha, some believe. However, scientifically rays cannot be washed by water.

Lunar Eclipse harmful to pregnancy?

Eclipses are considered as bad even for pregnant women. According to the belief watching lunar eclipse may cause one to give birth to a deformed baby. Due to this pregnant women are asked not to leave their rooms during the eclipse. However, scientists say that there has been no evidence to prove that eclipse can be harmful during pregnancy.

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