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This Waiter’s 1-month-old Baby With A Congenital Heart Block Needs An Urgent Surgery to Survive

Shalini barely had a chance to name their child before he was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease. Their one-month-old baby needs a heart surgery to live.

"I saw his tiny toes wiggling in the air and I couldn't stop playing with his tiny fingers. He would make gurgling sounds every time he was happy. It was definitely love at first sight for me."

This Waiter’s 1-month-old Baby With A Congenital Heart Block Needs An Urgent Surgery to Survive

Shalini and her husband were overjoyed as they welcomed their baby into their world. Just like the excited parents of any newborn baby, they couldn't wait to bring him home, think of names for him, buy clothes and toys and introduce him to the rest of their family.

The Joy Was Short-lived

"We finally brought him home. He was a healthy child. His giggles filled our house with joy. Whenever he was sleeping, the entire house would shush and tiptoe around him. And when he would wake up, my husband and I would be engrossed in tickling him and making silly faces at him just so we could hear his innocent laughter."

Like any newborn, routine check-ups were a part of the young one's life. The parents were asked to travel to Chennai from their little town of Perambalur for the check-ups every week or so. Just like any other week, they started their journey of 7 hours, from their house to Chennai for his check-up. The bus journeys were tiring but they would have travelled 7 more hours if it meant that it would ensure their baby's health. He would usually sleep throughout as the warm breeze made him feel at ease.

This Waiter’s 1-month-old Baby With A Congenital Heart Block Needs An Urgent Surgery to Survive

When they had gone for one of their routine check-ups, they were told that something seemed amiss with their baby. The baby would have to undergo a few further tests to confirm the same. Shalini's maternal instincts were on an all-time high. She was hesitant to get the required tests done, afraid that the outcome could change their lives in an instant. But they decided to go ahead with the medical tests that the doctors recommended, right after the check-up was done.

To Shalini's shock, they were told that the baby has a congenital heart disease and that a heart surgery is the only possible way out. They had to come to terms with the fact that this heart disease could possibly snatch away their only source of happiness.

Only A Heart Surgery Can Save Their Son

The surgery would cost Rs 4 Lakh. Shalini's husband works as a waiter in a nearby restaurant, bringing home Rs 10,000 every month which barely covers their living expenses but they still managed to save something before their baby's arrival. They have already ended up spending all their savings on travel expenses (travelling to and from Chennai and Perambalur) and tending to Shalini's post-operative care. They have already sold whatever little valuables they had. They are left with nothing else but hope to save their only child.

This Waiter’s 1-month-old Baby With A Congenital Heart Block Needs An Urgent Surgery to Survive

"My baby has been so brave already. He is so little and I do not know how he bears this pain every single second of his life. We often break down looking at him wailing in so much pain but just like any parents, we quickly gather courage to do everything we can for him."

How You Can Help

Shalini's 1-month-old baby has barely seen anything other than the interiors of hospitals. His parents have tried borrowing from their neighbours, but they hail from a small village called Perambalur where everyone around them earns basic wages, more or less. They have even started eating only once a day, hoping that they can save money. They don't know who else to turn to and are hoping that they can rely on your kindness and generosity to save their son.

Your contribution will be nothing short of a blessing for them. Help save their child by donating and sharing their story with others who can help on WhatsApp and Facebook.

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