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This tweet on Marijuana by Delhi Police is more like a 'guide' to smoking good pot


New Delhi, Jan 3: The Delhi police had issued a press release about arresting two people who were importing marijuana from the US. However, it read less like a press release and more like a guide to smoking good pot. According to the police smoking a specific strain of weed might help you win friends.

This tweet on Marijuana by Delhi Police is more like a guide to smoking good pot

The list, instead of warning people away from trying the illegal substance, probably made even non-smokers curious about it.

It says that Bubba Kush will give smokers "contagious laugh", Pineapple Express "seeks inner peace", Alien OG "laughs at own jokes", Jack Herer is "friends with everyone", Grandaddy Purr is "always there for you" and Dab is "intimidating hot".

The Delhi police further said that the arrested individuals obtained the marijuana on the dark web, paying for it in bitcoin and having it couriered to them, according to the police. The dark web comprises parts of the internet that require special software to view; it is often associated with the encrypted Tor network.

The report said that the recovered marijuana was sold in Delhi for Rs 2000 a gram and 50 grams of cannabis wax worth Rs 1,00,000 was imported from the US.

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