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The pro-peace era with Pakistan is over: Former R&AW official


New Delhi, Feb 28: Amidst the escalating tensions between India and Pakistan, there has been a section that has demanded for talks.

Amar Bhushan

India on Tuesday struck at a terror facility of the Jaish-e-Mohammadd at Balakot. This was followed by retaliation by Pakistan and while India waded that threat, an Indian Air Force pilot was captured.

The question now is what is the way forward. Amar Bhushan, former officer with the Research and Analysis Wing says that the pro-peace era with Pakistan is gone. On one hand, they continue to harbour terrorists that attack our soil and on the other they ask for dialogue, he tells OneIndia.

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What next:

I do not see any more strikes taking place. We have made a very strong statement by striking at Balakot. India would have retaliated immediately yesterday had a military target been hit, Bhushan says. It is apparent that yesterday, our boys chased them and it is also clear that Pakistan did not come deep.

The area in question is a tricky one. It is very difficult to say when one is in India and when one is in Pakistan. The area is such and it is not a straight line. Many times, I would fly in these areas while on the job. The pilot would tell me we are in Pakistan and second later, we would be in India.

Apparently the dogfight has taken place inside the Pakistan territory. I don't see anything more happening now. But, of course our pilot is there and his release must be the priority. Pakistan declared him captured as they could not hide it. They could not conceal it as today everything is mapped unlike in the olden days.

The peace-era is over:

With demands for more action against Pakistan growing, Amar Bhushan says that this is because our hatred for Pakistan is so deep. The pro-peace era with Pakistan is gone. On one hand, they shield terrorists and on the other they ask for dialogue. It has been said over and over again that talks and terror cannot go hand in hand.

Imran Khan, in fact has been making a joke of himself. In contrast the response of our administration has been reserved. I am in fact impressed that there have been no statements from the Army.

India's consistent position is against the terror points in Pakistan. Although I do not see any action coming now, the fact is that it would have been a whole other story had an Indian military point been hit yesterday. The action by Pakistan yesterday was only to pacify their population, Bhushan further adds.

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Balakot was a known terrorist camp. It is not now, but 15 years back itself, we had mapped it out. Since then there have been many times that we wanted to hit the camp. These targets were on the radar of the Indian establishment for long.

I am sure that in 2016, before the surgical strikes were carried out, this option on Balakot would have been considered. However it appears that the decision to test the waters before going for a strike at Balakot would have been weighed in.

With regard to the number of terrorists killed in the operation, Amar Bhushan says that the numbers really dont matter. The fact is that an identified camp of the Jaish-e-Mohammad has been hit. It was a regular structured base, where terrorists were trained. I would say that by hitting the camp, India has conveyed a very strong message.

The other message that we have conveyed is that we know where they are are and what support they are getting. I am sure that the loses have been great in number. I cannot believe it when someone says that the terror camps would have been emptied.

Pakistan earlier would hold a prayer meeting and name them. Now they have completely stopped publishing the names.

Back in the day, we would codify the names of those who died in the Kashmir conflict and issue it. That is when they started believing us. Don't worry about the numbers for now, the names and figures will be out soon, says Amar Bhushan.

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