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Those misusing Jan Dhan accounts will face the music: PM Modi


Lucknow, Dec 3: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today stressed on the need to fight corruption. Addressing a rally at Moradabad, Modi advised the people not to withdraw the money deposited by black marketeers in Jan Dhan accounts. Those who chant money money will be fixed, the PM said.

Give me 50 days as India is ready for a change, Modi said while adding that India is always ready to accept change.

The people are my high command: Modi

I am fighting a war against corruption and I am getting accused. What will those accusing me do. I am fakir, I will exit with my belongings, Modi also said.

I need help fighting the corrupt. I do not want to print notes and help then corrupt, Modi said while pointing that the country needs to move towards a Digital India.

My country is ready to turn digital. We are in the 21st century and we are ready to go digital Modi also added.

Why should I not fight corruption? Is fighting corruption a crime? Why are some people calling me a wrong doer for fighting corruption, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked. The people are my high command and I am answerable only to you, the PM further went on to state.

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Modi went on to say that in order to eradicate poverty, it is necessary to develop big states such as Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Maharashtra. I have not fought the election from UP only to become an MP. I want to initiate the fight against poverty he said.

When I came to power, I personally asked the officials why despite 70 years of independence, many villages are still deprived of electricity. That is when I made the announcement from the Red Fort that villages will be electrified in 1,000 days. We are fulfilling that promise, Modi also said.

Corruption needs to be fought:

Many governments have made many announcements. We have only dedicated our focus towards accountability. I do not have a high command. The people are my high command and no one else, the PM also said.

Corruption needs to be eradicated. It does not go on its own. I am surprised that in my own country a few people are accusing me. Is it my fault if I have ensured that those looting the country are now being made accountable, the PM asked.

Why am I being called a wrong doer for fighting corruption? Today those who have stashed black money are queueing outside the houses of the poor asking for their help, Modi said. Some rich people have gone and touched the feet of the poor. Have you ever seen this before?

I am finding ways to put behind bars those guilty of stashing their black money into Jan Dhan accounts of the poor. Today all day long people say Modi Modi. Before they would say Money Money.

This country is against corruption but there was a helpless situation. But today people feel that they have to fight this menace. I assure you people that I will not let your hard work and sacrifice go in vain, the Prime Minister said

Let the smart phone be your bank. Here there are some people standing in white T-shirts who will help you understand digital transactions. Now your bank is your mobile, the Prime Minister said.

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