The Dawood dossier: Only 4 out of 9 addresses are verified

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New Delhi, Aug 27: The Indian dossier on Dawood Ibrahim termed Agenda Point 2 lists nine addresses. Are all the nine addresses correct?

The fact of the matter is that out of the nine addresses listed in the dossier, only have been verified while there are doubts raised over the other five. Two very glaring errors have come to light over the addresses listed in the name of Dawood Ibrahim.

Dawood Ibrahim

While one of the addresses listed in Islamabad belongs to a senior diplomat Dr Maleeha Lodhi the other one also in the same city does not appear to exist. [Does Dawood live in the house of a Pakistani diplomat?]

Two addresses that could be wrong:

There has been a contention over the address listed as Main Margalla Road F-6/2, House No.7, Islamabad. This in fact belongs to Dr Lodhi who is a permanent representative in the United Nations from Pakistan.

The second contentious address is Margalla Road, P-6/2, Street No. 22, House No. 29, Islamabad. According to the Paksitan media publication, "The Nation," this address does not exist. There is no P sector in Islamabad, they say.

However, there is no contention what so ever on the address at Karachi listed on Clifton Road. This has been the address of Dawood Ibrahim for over a decade now and contrary to what everyone says, he has never been shifted out of there.

Did media get an unofficial copy?

An official says that they had listed nine addresses. A dossier is not just aimed at accusing another nation.

What everyone missed out was that five addresses in the dossier were clearly mentioned not verified and it was up to Pakistan to give us the details as we had asked for it.

Moreover, the dossier which is with the media is not the official one, the officer also added.

There is an evidence that is collected over a period of time and it has been pieced together.

The residence at Islamabad which Pakistan claims belongs to Dr Lodhi could have been used by Dawood briefly as a hideout. He is moved between Karachi and Islamabad several times and sometimes to hoodwink the ISI keeps him in houses of top officials or diplomats.

The official says that monitoring Dawood's movements is a continuous affair. Intelligence is picked up regularly and pieced together. We hope that Pakistan helps verify the details and this is the intent of handing over a dossier.

However, the fact about the dossier titled Agenda Point 2 is that there were only four addresses listed as verified, the officer further points out.

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