Bengaluru: Terror taint refuses to leave innocent suspect; Throws life out of gear

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Bengaluru, June 12: The life of Syed Sadiq Sameer, 39, is not the same anymore. After being arrested with 16 other people for a terror conspiracy case by the Dharwad sessions court on April 30, 2015, his life is now thrown out of gear.

The terror taint simply refuses to leave him even if he has been proved innocent anf acquitted by the court. Revealing his plight in re-establishing his business, he says that prospective clients flee when they get to know of his arrest.


He recalls the day when his life changed completely. He describes how the police knocked at his door in 2008 and took him away without explaining anything. And the basis of their arrest? A few Islamic Literary books, CDs and DVDs.

He was not alone. Being holed up at the Belagavi jail, he saw that he was with 16 other people, some of them engineers and doctors. None of them were allowed to go out. The three years in jail were horrifying and he describes how his business went for a toss. "I finally managed to get a bail from the Supreme Court in 2011," he said.

Sadiq was sure that he was framed. He said,"I was given an opportunity to become an approver and get out. Top CID officers called me and tried to force me to become an approver and give evidence against other accused."

Though acquitted, his business is still out of market for the terror taint

The judge who acquitted Sadiq said,"if totality of the evidence is taken into consideration, it does not inspire confidence. It appears a casual and shoddy investigation is undertaken."

Being the sole bread-winner of his family, Sadiq is now worried about his two daughters-one in class 1 and another in class 4. He requests the government,"One is in class I and another in class IV. My plea to the government is don`t arrest innocent Muslims. It can only wreck their lives, family and social acquaintances."

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