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Tale of my COVID trail: How moral support helped me fight the deadly virus

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The newsroom was busy with several journalists and editors pouring in updates over the assembly election results on May 2. It was a big day for me as I was all set to write articles on the assembly constituencies and the vote percentage. But, there was something else waiting for me.

As the counting of votes began, all were busy caught up with reporting what is happening in those 5 states (Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal, Assam and Puducherry), I felt something is not right. I could not focus on my work and my body began to feel warm. Assuming it could possibly be a common fever, I decided to take medicine and work as if nothing had happened.

Tale of my COVID trail: How moral support helped me fight the deadly virus

A few hours later, the fever did not reduce and the temperature shot upto 104. My body gave up. I had no strength to sit and work. I was done for the day.

Next day, the counting of votes had already concluded. The fate of the assembly elections were also announced, so was my COVID-19 results. Yes, I had tested positive for COVID-19.

To ensure my family members were safe, I took a day off and got my father tested for COVID-19. Unfortunately, he was not spared. He too, tested positive for the deadly virus.

We decided to isolate ourselves in different rooms at home, and not step out for any given reason. My siblings were informed about the same and they decided to come and help us. Despite telling them not to come over, their love and affection towards us made them to come and take care of us by maintaining all safety measures.

Two days after I was isolated at home, I felt something is not right. I had lost the sense of smell and taste. My saturation level was fluctuating and the fever was nowhere to reduce. It was not the time for me to take things casual anymore.

We took medicines prescribed by the doctors and also took steam regularly. Things were finally coming my way, or otherwise. My father was nowhere close to recovery.

The doctors informed us to hospitalise my father immediately as the oxygen level in his body had reached to 80. The fear my father had, assuming that he would not come back home alive, refused to get admitted in the hospital. However, he agreed to take the medicines regularly, sleep in prone position and inhale steam without fail.

I was struck with more negative thoughts and cry assuming that I might lose my father anytime soon. I cursed and blamed myself alot for roaming around during the pandemic. Though I did not step outside from home without a valid reason, I began to question myself as to why and how I failed to sanitise myself well.

The trauma, the pain, and the voices inside my head had a different story to tell. But then, the miracle happened, either by God or by the scientists in labs finding a way out to fight the deadly virus. My father showed signs of recovery.

Just a week before we tested positive for COVID-19, I made my father take his first dose of COVID vaccine. I guess that helped my father in recovery. Though he was tired most of the time, the oxygen level in his body, slowly began to increase. For me, that was it. I started sharing several funny videos with him only to make him laugh and divert his mind.

On the other side, my boss and my collegues, made sure if I was feeling alright. They constantly checked on me and made sure if I was doing better. This was the time I realised that we, as COVID patients, need moral support along with medical support.

This is my story of strength who later became a COVID warrior. Also, vaccination may not keep you safe from the deadly virus, but it can prevent you from reaching the tragic end.

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