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Success Story Of Shashikala

Seeing Shashikala, a mischievous and fun-loving child from Mumbai, turning into a pale and weak child due to the illness was what brought the world crumbling down for the parents of this little girl. Once a happy family, it had turned into a gloomy one after knowing about their daughter's illness and more so because they knew that they would be having a tough time getting their daughter cured due to the never-ending financial reasons behind it.

This is when crowdfunding served to be a blessing and OneIndia served the purpose of the blessing in disguise.

Success Story Of Shashikala

Oneindia played a major role in bringing strangers together to help Lakshmi by funding her daughter's treatment. With the help of the fund raised, Shashi was successfully operated. She has been recovering ever since. She goes to the doctor for a check-up every two weeks.

She has resumed school and is slowly turning into the happy and active child that she always had been. Lakshmi wholeheartedly thanks all the fundraisers and for the efforts made by each one, especially Oneindia, that has brought her cheerful daughter back to her.

Lakshmi, Shashikala's mother spoke about how the happy family comprising her husband, three daughters and a son came crashing down when they found that their ever-smiling Shashi was down with an illness that they had hardly heard about. Shashi's father is a garbage cleaner who barely earned Rs. 5000 per month. In spite of the financial difficulties, the family was a happy one who supported and loved each other very much.

The storm struck the family one night before Shashi's history exam, when her mother found her worried. Lakshmi knew that her daughter loved the subject and is always well prepared before an exam. Hence, she was surprised to see that her daughter appeared restless and stressed. On asking, Shashi said that her legs ached and that she was not feeling very well. Lakshmi also found that Shashi had a fever.

The local doctor examined Shashi and asked her to be admitted to a hospital immediately. She was admitted to the nearest Baba Hospital. Her fever continuously shot up. She collapsed when trying to sit up. She was then immediately rushed to Nanavati Hospital for immediate and better care from the doctors.

The doctors examined her thoroughly. Lakshmi was devastated to see her daughter, just of 9 years of age, undergoing so many tests. The sight of a tube being passed through Shashi's nose broke down her mother immensely. She could no longer see her daughter in so much pain and agony.

The doctor at the hospital explained and informed Shashi's parents that their daughter was suffering from GBS (Guillain-Barre Syndrome). This disorder had made Shashi's immune system attack the peripheral nervous system making her breathless and weak and could also cause complete paralysis.

To recover, Shashi had to undergo a surgery that would cost about Rs. 9,65,000. Even before the actual treatment had started, the cost of just the tests and medicines went up to about Rs. 1,50,000 - an amount that was quite difficult to bear for a low-income family like that of Lakshmi's.

The doctors had informed Shashi's parents that she would be kept in the hospital for 15 days and within this period she would need to be operated. The situation was not just emotionally stressful for the parents but also financially as well. With ever-mounting costs, Shashi's parents thought that they would lose their precious daughter.

Lakshmi spoke up and asked help from people whom she did not know to help her in this time of distress. Although Lakshmi prayed that her request would be heard, her mind said that it would be difficult to arrange such a heavy sum in this short duration.

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