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Solar Eclipse 2020 updates: Rare 'Ring of Fire' eclipse ends in India; Millions in awe

By Anuj Cariappa

New Delhi, June 21: India witnessed its deepest annual solar eclipse on Sunday. An annular solar eclipse, wherein the Sun appears like a ring of fire began at 9.15 am. The first solar eclipse of the year started at 10.19 am and ended at 2.02 pm. The partial phase of the eclipse ended at 3.04 pm.

Representational Image

The annular phase was visible in the morning from some places within a narrow corridor of northern India parts of Rajasthan, Haryana and Uttarakhand. A few prominent places within this narrow annularity path are Dehradun, Kurukshetra, Chamoli, Joshimath, Sirsa, Suratgarh.

    Where & when to watch the June 21st solar eclipse & what is it: Explained in 1 minute |Oneindia News

    Here are the Highlights on Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan 2020 Today in India

    Newest First Oldest First
    3:27 PM, 21 Jun
    A view of the solar eclipse as seen in the sky from New Delhi
    3:25 PM, 21 Jun
    Bengaluru: A man looks through binoculars to get a glimpse of solar eclipse
    3:23 PM, 21 Jun
    Agra: Police personnel look through X-ray sheets to get a glimpse of solar eclipse, at Dussehra ghat in Agra
    3:22 PM, 21 Jun
    Guwahati: People view solar eclipse using a telescope, at Guwahati Planetarium in Guwahati
    3:19 PM, 21 Jun
    Karnataka: Temples in Hubli remain closed
    3:18 PM, 21 Jun
    SolarEclipse2020 as seen in Kathmandu of Nepal. As per Nepal's BP Koirala Memorial, Planetarium Observatory and Science Museum Development Board the solar eclipse will be visible from 10:52 am to 2:32 pm today.
    10:56 AM, 21 Jun
    In Haryana, Solar Eclipse 2020 is visible in the skies of Kurukshetra, as per ANI.
    10:43 AM, 21 Jun
    Gujarat: Solar Eclipse 2020 seen in the skies of Gandhinagar.
    10:39 AM, 21 Jun
    Maharashtra: Solar Eclipse 2020 seen in the skies of Mumbai. The solar eclipse will be visible until 3:04 PM. The maximum eclipse will take place at 12:10 IST.
    10:29 AM, 21 Jun
    The Solar Eclipse 2020 in Goa will be visible at 10:01 AM. The maximum solar eclipse 2020 will be visible at 11:36 AM and it will end at 1:24 PM.
    10:20 AM, 21 Jun
    According to the central government, it is best to view the reflected or projected image of the Sun. You need to project the image of the Sun on a shaded wall through a hole. A small mirror covered with a piece of paper having a circular hole of diameter (1-2 cm) can be used to project the image of the Sun on a shaded wall. You can also use a small telescope or binoculars be used to project the image of the Sun on a white card/screen/wall. If binoculars or telescope have any plastic parts, take necessary precautions to protect them from heating and melting by focussed sunlight.
    10:20 AM, 21 Jun
    In Madhya Pradesh, Portals of temples in Bhopal remain closed in the light of Solar Eclipse 2020 today. The solar eclipse 2020 started at 9:15 AM today and will be visible until 3:04 PM.
    10:16 AM, 21 Jun
    Delhi: Solar Eclipse 2020 as seen in the skies of the national capital today. The solar eclipse will be visible until 3:04 PM. The maximum eclipse will take place at 12:10 IST. It will be visible from Asia, Africa, the Pacific, the Indian Ocean, parts of Europe and Australia.
    10:15 AM, 21 Jun
    Jammu witnesses Solar Eclipse 2020
    10:14 AM, 21 Jun
    Madhya Pradesh: Portals of temples in Bhopal remain closed. The solar eclipse will start at 9:15 AM today and will be visible until 3:04 PM.
    10:14 AM, 21 Jun
    Tamil Nadu: Amma Canteen in Chennai's KK Nagar area is distributing free food amid COVID19 outbreak. Amma canteens will provide free food under Metropolitan Chennai Police limits during lockdown between June 19 & June 30 following state government's order.
    9:19 AM, 21 Jun
    The last full solar eclipse visible from India in the next 11 years takes place on Sunday
    9:18 AM, 21 Jun
    The partial solar eclipse will be visible in Bengaluru for over three hours on Sunday
    9:18 AM, 21 Jun
    Chennai will witness a partial solar eclipse on Sunday from 10.22am to 1.41pm
    9:18 AM, 21 Jun
    The Lord Venkateswara temple in Tirumala will remain closed for pilgrim worship on Sunday due to solar eclipse. The temple doors, which were closed at 8.30 pm on Saturday after the conduct of 'Ekanta seva', will reopen at 2.30 pm on Sunday after the eclipse period is over, but devotees will not be allowed in. Pilgrim services will resume at the temple from Monday at the usual timings.
    9:18 AM, 21 Jun
    Pink City will witness the greatest phase of annular solar eclipse (88% obscuration) at 11.56am on Sunday. “The astronomical significance of this solar eclipse is that this is happening on the summer solstice date - the longest day of the year. Second, the greatest eclipse phase will occur around 12 noon,” said Sandip Bhattacharya, assistant director, B M Birla Planetarium.
    9:17 AM, 21 Jun
    Solar Eclipse begins
    9:17 AM, 21 Jun
    According to Nehru Planetarium, Bhuj will be the first city in India from where the beginning of the eclipse will be visible at 9.58 am. The eclipse will end four hours later at 2.29 pm.
    9:16 AM, 21 Jun
    How to watch Surya Grahan today
    Since the rays of the sun will be extremely bright and damaging when looked at directly. You must use special glasses (a good pair of solar viewing glasses is a must).
    9:01 AM, 21 Jun
    Lucknow: Temples in the city to remain closed till 4 pm today in the light of Solar Eclipse 2020.
    7:14 AM, 21 Jun
    Today the annual solar eclipse will start at 9:15 AM IST and will be visible until 3:04 PM IST. The maximum eclipse will take place at 12:10 IST.
    12:19 AM, 21 Jun
    The safe technique to observe the solar eclipse is either by using a proper filter like aluminised mylar, black polymer, welding glass of shade number 14 or by making a projection of the Sun's image on a white board by telescope.
    12:19 AM, 21 Jun
    Solar eclipse should not be viewed with the naked eye, even for a very short time as it can cause permanent damage even leading to blindness.
    12:18 AM, 21 Jun
    Obscuration of the Sun by the Moon at the time of greatest phase of the partial eclipse will be around 94 per cent in Delhi, 80 per cent in Guwahati, 78 per cent in Patna, 75 per cent in Silchar, 66 per cent in Kolkata, 62 per cent in Mumbai, 37 per cent in Bangalore, 34 per cent in Chennai, 28 per cent in Port Blair.
    12:18 AM, 21 Jun
    A solar eclipse occurs on a new moon day when the Moon comes in between the Earth and the Sun and when all the three celestial objects are aligned. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the angular diameter of the Moon falls short of that of the Sun such that it cannot cover up the latter completely. As a result, a ring of the Sun's disk remains visible around the Moon. This gives an image of a ring of fire.

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