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Single mother may not be able to save her daughter without heart surgery

After being abandoned by her husband's family for giving birth to a girl child, Ankita was distraught. Things got worse when she realized that she had to fund her newborn's open heart surgery all by herself.

The society she lived in chose to normalize it. Her in-laws didn't care much for it. She was scared to speak up and she felt helpless. She didn't want to bring dishonour to her family. She has spent sleepless nights wailing in pain.

Single mother may not be able to save her daughter without heart surgery

Ankita is a victim of domestic abuse. She has endured it since the day she got married.

Despite her constant hardships, she chose to bet on hope.

She still aspired for things to get better, she went through it all hoping that one day it would end. When she became pregnant, she thought that her plight would get better, but she couldn't have been more wrong.

Single mother may not be able to save her daughter without heart surgery

"My husband and his family were overjoyed to hear about my pregnancy. But, little did I know that happiness and support came with an expiry date," says Ankita.

She was 5 months pregnant with her daughter when a routine scan showed that her baby had a congenital heart disease. Her husband and his family were still supportive, they were ready to fight for their baby's life. To Ankita's horror, their behaviour changed entirely after Aparajitha was born. They were unhappy that their baby was a girl. On top of that, she was born ill and needed expensive treatment.

"It was my daughter and I, against the world. My in-laws and husband threw me out of the house for wanting to keep her and raise her as our child. According to them, I committed a crime that was unforgivable and I was abandoned without a second thought. I chose to raise her alone. I wanted to brave it all if it meant that she had a chance at life."

Single mother may not be able to save her daughter without heart surgery

Eventually, she moved in with her parents. Hospital trips became a routine for her. She has spent close to Rs 1 Lakh trying to save her baby. She has lost track of how many days she has spent in the ICU. Her baby's medical expenses have been borne by her entirely. Her parents are very old and she is very grateful to them for letting her stay with them. She feels that she can't possibly ask them for money.

Meanwhile, Aparajita's condition has been worsening. She struggles to breathe. She has stopped crying for she has no energy left. She has difficulties in consuming food and often chokes. Doctors have told that open heart surgery is the only option.

"The surgery will cost me another Rs 3.5 Lakh. As a single mother, I'm willing to struggle however long it takes, if it means I can save my only child. I have no one else to rely on. I cannot imagine my life without her. I have broken down so many times in the hospital corridor and kind strangers like you have given me their time and tried to console me. I leave Aparajitha's fate in your hands, I trust that your kindness will take her a long way, " remarks Ankita.

Let's join hands in helping and serving humanity. Any contribution from your end can make a huge difference in the baby's life. Help Ankita save her baby.

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