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Schools witnessing rise in violence, can the young help by auditing teachers?

By Shreya
    Indian schools witness steep rise in violence, Trained and tutored is trying to end problem|Oneindia

    A steep rise in the number of violence in schools has become a reason for worry among all. From schools ro state governments all are trying to come up with a solution. Trained and tutored is an initiative which is trying to end the problem in a new way. They are hiring young mind to analyse the older ones. In trained and tutotored youngsters are hired to audit teachers ane discuss their problem at length so that a teacher is in the right frame of mind and the positivity is passed onto the students.

    Schools witnessing rise in violence, can the young help by auditing teachers?

    Here's what we got when we tried picking the mind of the young team and asked about the process of auditing teachers with many years of experience and how is the feedback or does being young get into the process of auditing and making teachers open up about their problems?

    Here's what they had to say:

    The process is long and tedious, but the end results make it all worth it. Being young, our team is buzzing with energy, and the teachers respond very well to this. Teachers often appear to be under-confident in their own abilities, and resistant to changing their methods. We help to overcome this by genuinely listening to them, making them feel heard, and providing systematic solutions to their problems.

    Harmeet Rahal, 21

    Senior Designer

    One on one (face to face) i.e two open mindsets and a free flow of conversation between the auditor and a teacher is an obvious process. An experience of a teacher is kept besides the point however we do mark that into consideration knowing he/she is been into his/her teaching career for several years. We respect the facts received from their end. We are open to understanding their dilemma in the education field and come to a mutual point by providing them solutions based on our company's mission. It's our goal to incorporate trust.

    Yes, being young does get into the process of auditing because of the age factor probed. But also it serves as an advantage as they gauge us to be inquisitive and engaging. The attitude of the teacher is what really matters in the end. The one thing I often find is wrong with the way a teacher is conditioned to think is the insecurity in their minds of an external faculty coming down and speaking to them. They find it ' dangerous ' to give out information on their current status due to these pre-conceived notions and apprehensions. Nevertheless, we do try to come at a conclusion about how beneficial auditing process is for the management, teachers and students. To help overcome this, we build a sense of responsibility first and then a relationship that could be marked for a lifetime as an education-auditing company.

    Vrushali Master, 22

    Marketing Officer

    One segment of the teaching workforce that may need particular attention and support comprises teachers who are new to the profession. Young teachers tend to open up less frequently to the problems regarding the management. Teachers with many years of experience are more familiar with the issues and are able to open up in a coherent way. Every Teacher has a particular way of thinking. The mistakes will rise from the inconsequential ones to the smallest ones, you'll not only survive those problems, you'll learn from them and if you reflect on them honestly, you'll be a better teacher for them too.

    Kruppa savla, 23.

    Designation - Research Analyst

    The process of auditing remains the same irrespective of whether teacher possess 1 year or 20 years teaching experiences. When it comes to feedback, its a challenge to educate senior teachers as they feel its an insult to their experiences. There are test which every teachers has to go through and based on the answers given, our psychologist team come up with the report of each and every individual teachers. They also come up with the solutions plan on how they (teachers) can improvise their shortcomings. There are 3 types of speakers i.e., vague, Objective & technical. While teaching students how do the teachers conduct classes and how is it being taken by the students is very important. We help teachers as to how to go ahead with this shortfall based on the psychometric test result. Also, a solution plan is shared with them as to how they can work on their shortfalls.

    Lhoucavito Mor, 28

    AVP - Marketing

    The process is good since teachers are more comfortable opening up to someone they see as young as compared to having preconceived notions about someone's seniority in terms of age. In turn, the feedback is also better as the audit feels a lot more at ease and the tension that they have in their minds vanishes. Being young in this field helps us since we are more in touch with our education systems, that we received and we are able to connect with teachers better in terms of the issues they face. Every teacher is a different individual and they have their own styles. It is only about finding that aspect in you with connects with your students in a very personalized manner. We help teachers in identifying that strong aspect in them through the psychometric tests that we conduct with them.

    Nikita Jain, 29

    Senior Assessment Officer

    Being young and auditing teachers is a privilege. We all love to be heard, so do teachers. They are major part of our education system and they need time to teach students in their way. To fulfill their questions, Teachers are usually open to answering, as they believe in serving their students. Yes, sometimes it is difficult for a senior or a teacher to believe us as we ate young and they are mature and senior but due to our concept and good motive they tend to support us. At school teachers are usually in bondage of many things. Like their management, Principal, trustees. They come with problems such as a) we don't get time to schedule our syllabus because of the extra curricular activities given to us for handling, etc

    We tend to show their management and principal the same as said by them and give them solutions. We need the extrovert teachers to-do the outside activities and the introvert to do the activity which their comfortable with and let them concentrate more on their purpose than doing the management work which can be done by a third person who should be employed just for that particular work.

    Ashmeet Kaur, 20

    Marketing assistant

    Teachers with many years of experience, although provide valuable insights that are otherwise unavailable to us, we have noticed that experienced teachers are the ones who least expect change. Being young does have its merits in terms of enthusiasm and keeping an open mind. However the lack of experience does stand as an obstacle. Teachers often believe very strongly in traditional methods of teaching, and an ideation that technology equals distraction. This can hinder their efforts to communicate effectively with the new generation while also obstructing the use of newer technological advances in furthering education.

    We help overcome this, but slowly changing this conditioning through progressive questioning and reasoning as well as providing the teachers with a simplified guide to use technology.

    Poorvi M.K, 22

    Senior behavior analyst

    Auditing teachers is always a challenging process, not due to the nature of the teachers themselves but the amount of effort the audit process takes. When it comes to auditing teachers with multiple years of experience, what I find is that it's primarily important to understand that she has a lot of biases and predispositions about the school based on the fact that she has worked there for several years or she has been a teacher/principal for several years.

    A lot more attention to detail must be given and there must be a more careful deep-dive that must be done to ensure that the answers that we take from her are based on facts - not predispositions.

    As for being young, that perhaps has been a challenge. But I think that goes for any Industry you work at. There will always be people who question the authenticity of your work and your ability to decipher and understand and most importantly solve problems which the institution themselves cant. What has been paramount in my journey has been professionalism and firmness during audits which have helped all but completely squash any doubt about the legitimacy of my work. I don't think there is anything wrong with the way teachers are conditioned to think. A pattern of thought cannot be right or wrong, they are all formed from some kind of primary conception/misconception. For eg: We find that older teachers are conditioned to refrain from using technology. However, this is not wrong, because it's mostly the older teachers from schools who do not provide sufficient aid to understanding technology who struggle to adopt it. It's important to shift the mindset from blaming teachers to understanding and solving the reasons why they are conditioned the way they are. That's what we as a company are working towards and that's how we help teachers overcome the challenges that they face.

    Azim Arsiwala, 21

    AVP- Research and Development

    Auditing is a concept that is relatively new in the Indian academic space. Auditing helps to weed out flaws in an academic institution. Also, the fact that the concept is on its raw stages in the country so it makes sense to allow the newer generation to enter and learn the tricks of the trade. Of course, this is not to say that the older generation is not needed as they can help the current audit teams with their wealth of experience. Teachers are conditioned to not allow students to ask questions and think for themselves; whatever the teacher lectures the students have to blindly follow and nod. Most teachers are conditioned to stifle creativity. Teachers need to be counseled or trained as to allow students to express themselves without reprimanding. This would in turn create 'graduates' who can think and act like humans and not factory drones.

    Name: Vineet Varma, 27

    Client Servicing

    The more experienced the teacher is, the more insights they are able to share about the institution and the academics. The process of hearing out to the teachers problem is a new concept,hence it is not being followed in majority institutions ,thus rendering the problems to persist for a long time.. We bridge this gap through thorough analysis and provide them with appropriate reports and solutions. The technology is advancing,the world is advancing, but the teaching methods have taken a stand still.. the basics are the same,the pedagogy is what we help them attain.. we provide with solutions which are more effective and in time with today's technologically sound students.

    Name: Vivek Ahuja, 28,

    Vice Presidenr

    We basically ask questions to gain insight on their views/issues they have with management, their teaching methodology, how they connect with teachers as well as understand if they are facing any challenges .This helps us understand how she has evolved as a teacher and does she have any biases or predispositions. Being young helps us connect with them based on current topics such has hindrances caused by social media.

    The importance on achieving more marks compared to holistic child development of the student. Also the older teachers being unable to cope up with using technology to teach.We send the overall group report of the teachers to the management and accordingly suggest them training programs

    Unnati Marfatia, 24

    AVP-Product Development

    As a teacher, There are subtle differences with their experiences in the profession which are nerve-wracking. Yet, Teachers who are young are willing to be as much open about their problems as the teachers with many years of experience are. Teachers sometimes, are not accustomed with the queries student come up with, hence teachers have to be well prepared with their knowledge and keep themselves updated with the new technology.

    Noopur Singh, 27

    Senior Research Analyst

    Here's how a young team dominated by most in their 20s are working towards brining a revolution in the teaching industry by using innovation methods and individual auditing of each and every teacher followed by a thorough report at the end of the session.

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