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Verdict on triple talaq late by 70 years says Zakia Soman

By Shreya

In a historic judgment the Supreme Court of India on August 22, 2017, by a majority of 3:2, granted a massive relief to Muslim women in the country by striking down Triple Talaq - in one sitting.

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The Apex Court called the practice a violation of Article 14 of the Constitution, which ensures every citizen equality before the law and also held the practice against the teaching of Islam.

Zakia Soman

Zakia Soman, Founding Member of Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan, one of the petitioners in the fight against instant Triple Talaq, said to OneIndia, "It is a historic judgment; we have worked very hard for this."

"This is a victory for all the Indian women who have struggled really hard for this day," she added.

When asked if this should have happened much earlier, she said, "Yes, we are late by 70 years."

The Supreme Court's judgment is being hailed as one of the most crucial and progressive steps towards women empowerment, which restores power to women to defend their rights.

Prior to this, women were victimised by the regressive practice of Triple Talaq, in which the husband could divorce the wife arbitrarily.

Several women in the past have been divorced over phones, emails, speed posts and WhatsApp messages and because the practice did not allow women to defend their rights, these women were left to fend for themselves.

Women's rights activists around the country are elated with this judgement, Trupti Desai, Women's Rights activist, told OneIndia, "The practice of instant triple talaq had been a matter of immense pain and worry in the life of Muslim women, and today after the Supreme Court's judgement, Muslim women across the country can live without the fear of abandonment."

She further added that no party should oppose to this ruling as it's a unanimous demand of women for justice and there is no religious discrimination about it.

However, Shehzaad Poonawalla, Secretary, Maharashtra Congress, though welcomed the judgment, questioned if it was driven by the motive of ensuring equal rights to women or has a hidden political agenda.

He said, "I welcome the Supreme Court verdict because triple talaq in one sitting has no sanctions in Islam and Quran, but I would also like to ask the PM why he is not looking into Khap Panchayats, which is equally regressive?"

Refuting Poonawala's statements, RSS ideologue Ratan Sharda, while speaking to OneIndia said, "If someone has a problem with something, he or she should move the court and not continue with making vague comments."

Supporting the Supreme Court verdict Ratan Sharda said, "This is a landmark judgement by the Supreme Court in favour of women's rights."

BJP Spokesperson Shazia Ilmi, who had been fighting for the cause called

Supreme Court's verdict "the dawn of Azaadi for our Muslim sisters, who for so long have lived their life under the perpetual fear of abandonment."

She said, "This is the first time minorities, within the minorities, have been had been served justice, the hope and happiness of Muslim women have been restored."

Reiterating Ilmi's thoughts BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma said, "We really welcome this historic judgment which marks the end of an age old regressive practice, and people who are questioning this should get their priorities in place,"

Bombay High Court Lawyer and Activist Abha Singh also welcomed the move and called it a "Brilliant Judgement." She said, "Today's judgment helped establish the true democracy that we are.

She added, 'Triple talaq is a religious practice and the Supreme Court recognised equality before religious practice today,"

Women's Rights Activists Ranjana Kumari also spoke to OneIndia and said, "We have supported this cause for a long time and welcome the Supreme Court's judgment to end discrimination, the Supreme Court has today established the supremacy of the Constitution."

While the Apex Court has struck down instant triple talaq, it has also asked the Government to form a new legislation within 6 months to govern marriage and divorce.

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