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Sawan 2019: All you need to know about Shravan Somvar Vrat


New Delhi, July 22: Sawan 2019 is considered to be one of the holiest months of the Hindu calendar, during which devotees observe fast and worship Lord Shiva.

Sawan 2019: All you need to know about Shravan Somvar Vrat

It is the fifth lunar month in Hindu calendar, during which many devotees even give up eating non-vegetarian food. This year, the month of Sawan began July 17 and will continue until August 15 (which will be celebrated as Rakshabandhan).

Sawan 2019: Shravan Somwar

The first Monday (Somwar) of Sawan is of prime importance and that was on July 17. Devotees observe fast (vrat) during this period and perform puja. Some even visit Lord Shiva temples in the morning after taking bath and bow down to the almighty.

Muslim minister of Rajasthan government in the line of fire of Ulama for worshiping Lord Shiva

People also keep Solah Somvar Vrat (fasts on 16 Mondays) starting from the first Somvar of Sawan. It is believed that Goddess Parvati observed the Solah Somvar Vrat in order to get married to Lord Shiva. People follow all the rituals very seriously and this shows their devotion and belief in the almighty.

Chant the Shiva Moola Mantra which is, "Om Namah Shivaya" The meaning of this mantra is: I bow to you O Supreme Lord, the one who exists in my consciousness.

Sawan 2019: Kanwar Yatra

In most of the Northen states, especially Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Bihar and Jharkhand, Kanwar Yatra is quite popular. Lakhs of devotees take part in the festivity- dancing and singing Shiva bhajans throughout the route.

Traffic Police create special rules and routes to avoid any sort of congestion. Special measures are taken and security is beefed at the popular temples to avoid nuisance and untoward incident. There are numerous resting and food points created by the government and volunteers along the route to serve people.

Happy first Shravan Somwar!

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