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Sanskrit's growth depends majorly on accuracy of Language Census

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Sanskrit is the mother of over 6,909 languages in the world and it would be irrational to ignore the language

The current language census is said to be in the process of completion. Will its finding reflect reality? Regrettably, it did not, in the past. And, in the process, Sanskrit, India's oldest language, considered to be the mother of all languages in the country, has been a great casualty.

Almost all Hindus, the largest community in the country, know Sanskrit. They use most of the words in Hindi and other languages, including Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali and Maithili, that are derived from Sanskrit. During their worships and various rituals, the Hindus chant shlokas and prayers in Sanskrit. Yet, according to the 2011 census report, only 24821 people speak Sanskrit in India.

Sanskrits growth depends majorly on accuracy of Language Census

Knowledgeable sources say such a census hardly reflects real status of Sanskrit in the country. The poor number of Sanskrit-knowing people is sure to affect the growth of the language in the country. The government allocates fund for the development of various languages in proportion to the percentage of the people speaking them. The language census hence needs to be conducted very objectively and scientifically. Or else, the government would be allocating highly inadequate fund for the growth of the Sanskrit language. This, in turn, would affect the continuing publication of India's age-old literary works, such as the Vedas, the Purans, the Upanishads, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, Arthashastra, Aryabhatiyam, Panchatantra, Hitopadesh, Panini Vyakaran, and Yoga Sutra, which are all originally in Sanskrit.

Will learn Sanskrit, set up research centre on Hindu epics: Punjab CMWill learn Sanskrit, set up research centre on Hindu epics: Punjab CM

It would be irrational to ignore Sanskrit. Sanskrit is the mother of over 6,909 languages in the world. It is the richest language in the world. At present, the Sanskrit dictionary has 102.78 billion words. It is a highly scientific language. Sanskrit is written the way it is spoken. This language is very useful in speech therapy. Speaking Sanskrit involves experimenting with all muscles of the tongue. Conversation in Sanskrit creates positive energy in body.

Sanskrit texts are available for valuable research and knowledge in numerous sciences, including astronomy, aeronautics, dietetics, architecture, chemistry and pharmacology. According to NASA, Sanskrit is the most useful language for computers. The 6th and 7th generation super computers are likely to be based on this language only.

The people the world over have come to increasingly realise the importance of Sanskrit. In Germany today, a great deal of research is being done on Sanskrit. The language is being studied in 18 of its universities. It is compulsorily taught at St James' School in London.

Dr Ambedkar had proposed Sanskrit as official language: CJI BobdeDr Ambedkar had proposed Sanskrit as official language: CJI Bobde

India must take the lead in promoting Sanskrit. She ought to lay special focus on Sanskrit today. At present, various divisive forces are at work in the country. Sanskrit is the language that can unite the whole country. All Indians must be learn Sanskrit and openly embrace it as their language.

Veer Damodar Savarkar rightly said, "Sanskrit language is our sacred and glorious heritage... Sanskrit is the brainchild of our lineage." India's first President Rajendra Prasad said, "Our culture, literature and life are incomplete as long as our scholars, thinkers and educators are ignorant of Sanskrit." Mahatma Gandhi said, "No one can become an Indian and a scholar without knowing Sanskrit."

(Jagdish N. Singh is a senior journalist based in New Delhi. He is also Senior Distinguished Fellow at the Gatestone Institute, New York)

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of OneIndia and OneIndia does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.

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