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Rural activity with an urban reach: Why the naxals in the cities have to be dealt with more firmly

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New Delhi, Apr 05: The latest attack by the naxalites is a grim reminder that the problem is far from over. For years now, the security agencies have said that the problem not only lies in the jungles, but in the cities.

Rural activity with an urban reach: Why the naxals in the cities have to be dealt with more firmly

The sympathisers of naxalites, popularly known as the urban naxals help their friends in the jungles build a narrative, arrange funds and transport weapons. Former Chief of the Research and Analysis Wing, C D Sahay tells OneIndia that one has to understand that their programme is a total replication of the Maoist Red Book.

Their movement goes through four different stages. Their rural activity has an urban reach. They try to liberate certain areas and run their terror network. While they run their terror network, they are unable to capture power. They feel that their war must have an eventual objective of capturing state power.

They would want to move their armed men into the urban areas, but are unable to do so because they will be neutralised, Sahay also says.

Sahay also says that as part of the process, the urban set up, the so called intellectuals and opinion makers have moth eaten from inside. These persons are known as the left liberals. They are creating this impression that they are fighting for a poor suffering lot. They say that the state has ignored development, but in reality they are blocking development and anyone who is trying to change that are being killed.

Sahay explains that the the urban gang who are wheel-chaired professors write in favour of the naxalites. They create a propaganda and look to capture the minds of the social elite. They also project the state as a repressive power.

The other issue is about the informers who pass on information about the movement of the troops and this in fact is creating a lot of damage. Even the media plays a role who grab stories that are negative to the state. Sahay also says that kinetic measures have to be taken. We cannot win a negotiation unless we win the battle on the ground, Sahay also points out.

Former officer with the Research and Analysis Wing, Amar Bhushan says that if you bring those guys in the jungles to the mainstream, how can the city based sympathisers control the movement. These city based elements provide their friends in the jungles with weapons and money. They liaison with NGOs which can fund them through hawala brackets, Bhushan also says.

These people in the urban areas work through their intermediaries and we are unable to spot them. We are able to get hold of those operating openly in the cities, but we also need to get to these faceless people who are the intermediaries because these are the persons who act as go-in-between the urban naxals and the naxals in the jungles, Bhushan also says.

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