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Republic Day 2019: Why do guards who protect Modi, other VIPs always wear black sunglasses?


New Delhi, Jan 26: As most of you must have noticed that security guards of PM Narendra Modi and other VIPs always wear black sunglasses but have you ever thought - Why they do so?

Republic Day 2019: Why do who protect Modi, other VIPs always wear sunglasses?

Misleads attackers:

Security personnel keep their eyes roving across the entire area all the time. Wearing sunglasses ensures that attackers cannot see the eyes of the guard and do not know which way to move. It helps the security guards sense sudden movement better.

Protection in case of blasts:

In case of minor blasts or debris flying, it protects the wearers eyes. Also, as the glass of these sunglasses is specially created, it can help them see right through the blast or the attack without any damage to the glasses or cracks appearing. That is why, the army is also often given high end glasses to wear during missions.

Psychological reasons

When a blast or sudden disruption occurs, human nature is to first shut the eyes as it senses an attack. Wearing the sunglasses gives an added layer of protection and helps keep the eyes open and alert even during such times. It helps quickly open eyes and scan the ground without pausing after the attack.

To avoid glares from sunlight or direct flashes

Dark glasses help avoid direct sunlight and glares and also give the eye a neutral black tone making it easy to see beyond colour restrictions. It helps the security personnel blink less and keep eyes open for longer period.

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