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“Pseudo-liberals have made Rohingyas a rallying point to divide India on communal lines”


New Delhi, Oct 4: In the first decoration, 7 Rohingya Muslims will be handed over to Myanmar by India Today. The seven were arrested in 2012 for entering India illegally and were held in the Assam state prison.

India has obtained travel documents from the Myanmar authorities and the seven would be handed over to the border guards.

“Pseudo-liberals have made Rohingyas a rallying point to divide India on communal lines”

The security agencies say this is a good start and in the larger interest of national security. There are around 40,000 people from the Rohingya community in India of which 16,000 are registered with the UN refugee agency. The Union Government has made it clear that the Rohingyas are a threat to national security and they are likely to be used by groups such as the Islamic State owing to their terror links.

The security threat:

With terror groups offering the desperate Rohingyas an umbrella, the threat perception has been high over the past few years. Blasts at Bodhgaya and the plot to target the Dalai Lama were all indicators to dish out support for the Rohingyas.

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Former special secretary, Research and Analysis Wing Amar Bhushan tells OneIndia that the Rohingyas has proliferated to Rs 40,000 from Rs 14,000 in five years. They are encouraged by the support they draw from pseudo-securalists and radical Islamic groups. This has made them a nightmare for the intelligence agencies, Bhushan also says.

The Rohingyas have also put a drain on the economic resources and a drag in our nation building, he further adds. They have also emerged as a rallying cause to divide the country on communal lines, Bhushan further adds.

In addition to this intelligence agencies tell Oneindia that the another worry about the Rohingyas living close to military installations. The worry for the agencies are those Rohingya Muslims who live in the Kanchanbagh area near Hafeezbabanagar which houses several defence laboratories. There are nearly a 1,000 Rohingya who live in and around these areas and this has posed a huge security risk.

In Hyderabad, there are around 4,000 Rohingyas who reside. Many live close to Hafeezbabanagar and Balapur. There are several high profile installations in these areas. During a high-level meeting the threat perception from the Rohingyas was discussed. Although no dedicated terror camp was found in Hyderabad concerning the Rohingyas was found, Intelligence Bureau officials do not rule out the possibility of some being brain-washed into carrying out strikes.

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Recently the police had identified four persons from Balapur in Hyderabad.

Those arrested have been identified as Mohammed Elias, 31, his wife Yasmeen Aira Begum, 25, Noor Rashid 26, and Murshid Alam, 22, of Akran district of Myanmar.

The police say that these persons came to India five years back and settled down at the Wadi-e-Omar area as refugees. They had been working as construction workers in the city along with several others.

A rallying point to divide India on communal lines:

Bhushan says that the brigade of liberals is appalled by how incentive the government could be in not allowing the Rohingyas to stay back in India. He says that these persons should know that the the situation in Myanmar would never improve to an extent that the Rohingyas will feel comfortable to go back.

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Bhushan says that the Rohingya have today emerged as a rallying point to divide the country on communal lines. They are also an ideal material for recruitment by terror groups. They practise the same faith, live in camps in bad conditions, desperately need money to survive. This has made them an easy prey for terrorist groups.

Did Kashmir pandits leave India?

Bhushan says that it is time for the Rohingyas to introspect seriously as to why they have to flee Myanmar so often. What is it that forces Yangon to deny them citizenship? He also asks if the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) can get these people independence by raiding a few border posts and killing soldiers. ARSA, like the other terror groups are fighting an unequal battle and sucking them into mindless violence in the name of salvation from alleged discrimination.

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He also says that they should learn from the Kashmiri Pandits who were forced out of the Valley by terrorists. Did they chose to leave India and become pariah in other countries? Similarly the Kashmiri separatists who crib about oppression are too clever to cross over to Pakistan as refugees.

The Rohingyas according to me should become responsible citizens in their own country or else they will keep seeking shelter in other countries, Amar Bhushan also said.

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