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Pranab at RSS event updates: Happiness is a fundamental right says ex-pres

By Oneindia Staff Writer

The much awaited speech by former President of India, Pranab Mukherjee at the RSS event is over. The much awaited speech which lasted for a little over 25 minutes dwelled on various subjects which included historic India, nationalism, patriotism and also the happiness index in India.

Pranab at RSS event updates: Happiness is a fundamental right says ex-prex

One of the key points he made was relating to tolerance. Our motherland is asking for peace and harmony. Happiness is fundamental right of our citizens. While we have done well in many areas, including growth, but we have not fared well in the happiness index. We rank 133 out of 156 countries, he said.

You can check out all the updates from the RSS event at Nagpur below:

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8:40 PM, 7 Jun
Pranab Mukherjee at RSS Event Live: Soul of India resides in tolerance
8:38 PM, 7 Jun
The soul of India resides in tolerance. This has come to us over centuries. Secularism and inclusion is a matter of faith for us. When I dream of India, I mesmerise how it is possible that so many people practise so many religions, speak so many languages and dialects. Under one system, one Constitution and one flag and identity, it is called Bharatiya. We do not identify any enemy says Pranab Mukherjee.
8:38 PM, 7 Jun
A dialogue is necessary. Co-existence, compassion and harmony form the foundation. Every day we see increased violence around us. There is mistrust. We must free our discourse from hatred says Pranab Mukherjee. Let us move to harmony and happiness.
8:28 PM, 7 Jun
Democracy became our most precious guide to peace. For us democracy is not a gift, but a sacred task, Pranab Mukherjee says.
8:27 PM, 7 Jun
Nationalism comprised all Indians. Nationalism was not bound to a caste, creed or race.
8:19 PM, 7 Jun
Many dynasties have collapsed in the northern and southern part. Delhi was then captured by the Muslim invaders. The Muslim rule was then taken over by the East India Company. They seized a big chunk of India says Pranab Mukherjee.
8:17 PM, 7 Jun
Intolerance will only dilute our identity says Pranab Mukherjee.
8:17 PM, 7 Jun
India was a state long before the concept of the European state. Their model was defined territory, common religion and common enemy. On the other hand, Indian nationalism emanated from universalism says Pranab Mukherjee. We see the whole world as one family, he also says. We derive our strength from tolerance.
8:17 PM, 7 Jun
Many ancient travellers came to India and gave their accounts. All have described India as having efficient administrative system and good infrastructure.
8:16 PM, 7 Jun
A nation is defined as a large group of people says Pranab Mukherjee. Nationalism is defined by one’s identity. Patriotism is defined as devotion, he also says.
8:09 PM, 7 Jun
Pranab Mukherjee begins his speech in English.
8:03 PM, 7 Jun
We have only one aim and that is a united India. We have no other concern other than that, says Bhagwat.
8:01 PM, 7 Jun
Bhagwat says that everyone has a right to have a political opinion but there is a limit to opposing it. We should realise that we are working for the betterment of the same country but some groups have selfish motives. Governments can do a lot but cannot keep an eye in every sphere.
7:51 PM, 7 Jun
We may have differences, but we are all the children of mother India says Bhagwat. The RSS does not differentiate between Indians. All Indians are one for us, he also says.
7:47 PM, 7 Jun
Bhagwat says that no Indian is untouchable. "The RSS event takes place in the same way, year after year. We call dignitaries every year, those who can come grace the event with their presence. But all the discussion and opposition around who visits us and when is meaningless.
7:40 PM, 7 Jun
Sangh does not believe in dividing society. It unites society says Bhagwat.
7:40 PM, 7 Jun
This event is like every other event that takes place every year. Pranab Mukherjee is an intellectual. We are grateful to him for accepting our invite.
7:40 PM, 7 Jun
It has been our tradition to welcome people who have achieved a lot. Many have come for the event and understood the RSS. They put-forth their views and if they have criticise us, we ponder over it.
7:36 PM, 7 Jun
Mohan Bhagwat now addressing the crowd. He welcomes Pranab Mukherjee and says that he is grateful that the former president has come for the event to understand the working of the RSS.
7:24 PM, 7 Jun
Mohan Bhagwat felicitates Pranab Mukherjee
7:18 PM, 7 Jun
The drill at the Tritiya Varsh is completed. The welcome speech is on.
7:16 PM, 7 Jun
Family members of Shubash Chandra Bose and Lal Bahadur Shastri also present at the event.
7:14 PM, 7 Jun
Pranab Mukherjee now being welcomed. His speech to commence in a few minutes from now.
7:10 PM, 7 Jun
RSS mentioned in a tweet that 6 shikshaks (trainers), 39 Prant Pramukhs & 120 prabandhaks have toiled day and night to ensure that the camp runs smoothly. 707 swayamsevaks will be completing their varg this year. Of them, 191 are Post Graduates and 375 are graduates, RSS also said.
7:08 PM, 7 Jun
It is imperative for all Indians to know what the RSS has historically stood for and to understand what it thinks today. People of India should never forget how antithetical their ideologies are to the idea of India said the Congress party in a tweet.
7:08 PM, 7 Jun
Reacting to Pranab Mukherjee hailing KB Hedgewar as 'great son of Mother India', Congress leader Hussain Dalwai says, "I had a lot of respect for him but perhaps because of his age he thought he should do something wrong before making an exit.
6:57 PM, 7 Jun
The speech by Pranab Mukherjee will begin in a few minutes from now
6:43 PM, 7 Jun
Pranab seated alongside Mohan Bhagwat is watching the parade at the Tritiya Varsh
6:32 PM, 7 Jun
Pranab Mukherjee arrives at RSS event, to speak shortly
6:26 PM, 7 Jun
The images of Pranab Da, veteran leader and ideologue at RSS Headquarters have anguished millions of Congress workers and all those who believed in pluralism, diversity and the foundational values of the Indian Republic.

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