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Mann Ki Baat: Let us continue the efforts towards national integration, says PM Modi


New Delhi, Oct 25: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation during the 70th edition of his monthly radio programme, Mann Ki Baat, at 11am on Sunday.

Mann Ki Baat

Addressing the nation, in the 70th edition of his Mann ki Baat programme, PM Modi wished citizens on the occasion of Dussehra.

Modi lauded efforts of residents of Pulwama district, Jammu and Kashmir in producing pencil wood for the country.

"Unity is strength, Unity is power," said PM Modi. He also urged countrymen to visit a government-run website- ekbharat.gov.in and called for donations for efforts on national integration.

"During festivals, do remember lockdown times when we got to know those close associates of society without whom our lives would have been very difficult. Sanitisation workers, housekeepers & guards were with us in difficult times, now in festivals, we've to take them along," PM Modi.

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11:38 AM, 25 Oct
Here are instances from Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh, of innovators in agriculture
11:38 AM, 25 Oct
With emerging possibilities in the agriculture sector, more and more youth are now engaging themselves in this field: PM
11:38 AM, 25 Oct
During the lockdown, many instances of technology based service delivery were explored in the country and it is not that only the big technology and logistic companies are capable of the same : PM
11:36 AM, 25 Oct
The Kashmir Valley meets almost 90% demand for the Pencil Slats, timber casings of the entire country, and of that, a very large share comes from Pulwama: PM
11:33 AM, 25 Oct
Pulwama in Kashmir is playing an important role in educating the entire country; the Kashmir Valley meets almost 90% demand for Pencil Slats, timber casings; in Pulwama, #Oukhoo is known as the 'Pencil Village'
11:33 AM, 25 Oct
On 31st October, we lost former Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi; I most respectfully pay my tributes to her
11:33 AM, 25 Oct
On 31 Oct., we will also celebrate '#ValmikiJayanti'; I pay my obeisance to Maharishi Valmiki; Maharishi Valmiki’s lofty ideals continue to inspire millions; he is a beacon of great hope for millions of the impoverished and Dalits
11:33 AM, 25 Oct
There have also been forces which continuously try to sow the seeds of suspicion in our minds, and try to divide the country; the nation too has given a befitting reply to these ill-intentions every time
11:33 AM, 25 Oct
In the last century, in our country, we have had luminaries such as Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar who forged unity among us all through the medium of the Constitution
11:33 AM, 25 Oct
Pilgrimage in itself knits India in a common thread; the chain of Jyotirlingas and Shaktipeethas binds India
11:33 AM, 25 Oct
Sardar Patel devoted his entire life for the unity of the country; today through our speech, our bearing and our actions, we have to carry forward the entire spectrum of values that unite us
11:32 AM, 25 Oct
Bapu had said that the jestful banter of Sardar Patel made him laugh so much that he would get cramps in the stomach - in it, there is a lesson for us too - Keep your sense of humour alive irrespective of how difficult the situations are
11:31 AM, 25 Oct
We have to constantly try through our creativity, love to bring out beautiful colors of '#EkBharatShresthaBharat' even in smallest of our tasks! In this context, I urge all of you to visit a website - http://ekbharat.gov.in: PM
11:30 AM, 25 Oct
Unity is Power, Unity is strength, Unity is Progress, Unity is Empowerment, United we will scale new heights : PM
11:30 AM, 25 Oct
Our centres of faith established from Tripura-Gujarat, J&K-Tamil Nadu,unite us as one.Bhakti movement became mass movement throughout India. Various rivers in country invoked before each ritual, ranging from Indus located in far north to Kaveri, lifeline of South IndiA
11:30 AM, 25 Oct
Today through our speech, bearing, actions & every moment we have to carry forward the entire spectrum of values that unite us so that sense of ease, belongingness is inculcated in mind of the citizen living in one part of country for citizen living in other
11:25 AM, 25 Oct
My dear countrymen, Sardar Patel devoted his entire life for the unity of the country. He integrated the Indian public with the Freedom Movement: PM
11:25 AM, 25 Oct
My dear countrymen, in a few days we will celebrate Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel’s birth anniversary, the 31st of October as ‘#NationalUnityDay’: PM
11:25 AM, 25 Oct
Vikas Vartul Trust, Bhav Nagar, Gujarat is very helpful to students who are preparing for competitive exams: PM
11:25 AM, 25 Oct
But you will be happy to know that all over India there are several people who get immense happiness spreading knowledge. These are people who are always eager to get everyone inspired to study: PM
11:25 AM, 25 Oct
My dear countrymen, it is said that learning is growing. Today in Mann Ki Baat, I will introduce you to a person who has a novel passion. This is the passion of sharing the joys of reading and writing with others
11:24 AM, 25 Oct
PM Modi speaks to Pon Mariyyapan ji from Thoothukudi. He has a very small salon where he has done an exemplary work of converting a small portion of his salon into a library.
11:24 AM, 25 Oct
Our country has many forms of martial arts. I would like our young friends to know more about them learn them and over the course of time bring about innovations in the same: PM
11:23 AM, 25 Oct
Ancient India had many such sports which would bring about extraordinary growth within oneself- they give new dimensions to our mind and body balance. However, probably our young friends of new generation are not that acquainted with Mallakhambh.Do search more about it
11:17 AM, 25 Oct
this time on Gandhi Jayanti the Khadi store in Cannaught Place at Delhi witnessed purchases of over one crore rupees in just a day. Similarly the khadi masks have also become very popular during Corona
11:14 AM, 25 Oct
When we take pride in our own things, the world’s curiosity around them also grows – Just like our spirituality, #Yoga, #Ayurveda has attracted the whole world: PM
11:14 AM, 25 Oct
Popularity of khadi rising, it is being produced in many places of the world. There is a place in Mexico called Oaxaca.Many villages in this area, local villagers weave khadi. Today, khadi of this place gained popularity by name Oaxaca Khadi
11:14 AM, 25 Oct
Today when we are going Vocal for Local, the whole world are also becoming a fan of our local products. Many of our local products have the potential of becoming global. One such example is Khadi: PM
11:10 AM, 25 Oct
We must also think of our braveheart soldiers who firmly stationed on our borders in line of duty, even during these festive time, all in service, security of Mother India. We have to light a lamp at home in honour of these brave sons, daughters of Mother India
11:09 AM, 25 Oct
This time, amid the enthusiasm of festival, when you go shopping make sure to remember your resolve of 'vocal for local.' When purchasing goods from market give priority to local products: Prime Minister Narendra Modi during MannKiBaat.

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