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Mann Ki Baat: PM Modi says new farm laws have begun mitigating farmers' problems in short span of time


New Delhi, Nov 29: Amid ongoing protests by a section of farmers against new farm laws, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday asserted that these agriculture reforms have not only freed peasants from various shackles but have also bestowed on them new rights and opportunities.

PM Modi to address nation through Mann Ki Baat at 11 am

Addressing his monthly Mann Ki Baat radio programme, Modi said the recent agriculture reforms have begun mitigating the troubles of farmers in a short span of time as he cited the example of a Maharashtra farmer who used the provisions of the new laws to get the money promised to him by a trader."

Since ages, these demands of farmers which at one point of time or the other all political parties had promised to them, have now been fulfilled. After deep deliberations, Parliament recently passed farm reform laws," he said.

"These reforms have not only freed the farmers from various shackles but have also given them new rights and opportunities. In such a short span of time, these rights have started reducing the problems of farmers," he said.

"Mann ki Baat" is the Prime Minister's monthly radio programme addressed to the nation, which is broadcasted on the last Sunday of every month.

Highlights of Mann ki Baat

  • Whatever may be the field, the correct knowledge is an added strength for everyone
  • He got Rs 25,000 in advance. It was agreed that he will get remaining amount in 15 days but he didn't get the payment. Under the new law, it's mandatory to pay within 3 days. If payment is not made, farmer can lodge complaint. He filed complaint & got his dues within few days
  • You should know how Jitendra Bhoiji, a farmer in Dhule, Maharashtra used these new farms laws. He produced maize & decided to sell it to traders at the right price. The total amount agreed at was around Rs 3.32 lakhs
  • After getting out of the lockdown phase, discussion has commenced on vaccine. But any kind of laxity with coronavirus is still very dangerous. We have to firmly keep fighting against the virus
  • Parliament has recently passed farm reform laws after rigorous brainstorming. These reforms have not only broken shackles of farmers but have also given new rights and opportunities to them
  • I would like to urge former students to keep consolidating their bonding with the institution in which they have studied! Whether it is at the level of school, college, or university
  • After leaving school or college, two things never end - one, the influence of your education, and second, your bonding with your school or college
  • Alumni associations are robust in many schools, especially in boarding schools, where they organize activities like sports tournaments and community service
  • All of these endeavours improve the learning experience of the current students.

IIT Delhi has initiated an

endowment fund, which is a brilliant idea. There is a culture of such endowments in renowned universities across the world, which helps the students.

  • IITians have provided their institutions many facilities like Conference Centres, Management Centres & Incubation Centres set up by their efforts
  • When it comes to returning something, nothing can be deemed big or small. Even the smallest help matters. Every effort is important. Often, alumni play a very important role in technology upgradation of their institutions
  • What can bring greater happiness than to lend a hand in development of the place where your personality was moulded? I have read certain such efforts, where the former students have given back to their old institutions in great measure
  • I am always interested in knowing who the alumni of the institution are, what the arrangements by the institution for regular engagement with its alumni are, how vibrant their alumni network is
  • It was Guru Nanak Dev ji who started the tradition of Langar and we saw how the Sikh community all over the world continued the tradition of feeding people during this period of Corona, served humanity, this tradition always keeps inspiring us
  • The restoration efforts of Lakhpat Gurudwara were honored with Award of Distinction by UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage Award in 2004
  • India's culture and Shaastras, knowledge has always been centre of attraction for the entire world. Many people came to India to discover & study them & stayed back for ever, whereas some of them returned to their respective countries as carriers of this culture
  • I got an opportunity to know about the work of Jonas Masetti, also known as Vishwanath. Jonas teaches Vedanta & Geeta to people in Brazil. He runs an institution named Vishwavidya, situated in the hills of Petropolis, an hour's distance from Rio De Janeiro
  • Newly elected MP in New Zealand Dr. Gaurav Sharma took the Oath of office in one of the ancient languages of the world - Sanskrit. The dissemination of Indian culture on part of an Indian fills us with pride
  • My dear countrymen, tomorrow on the 30th of November, we shall celebrate the 551st Prakash Parv, birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev ji. The world over, the influence of Guru Nanak Dev ji is distinctly visible
  • Friends, do you know that there is a Gurudwara, Lakhpat Gurudwara Sahib, in Kutch. During the 2001 earthquake this Gurudwara too faced damage. It was the blessings of Guru Sahib that I was able to ensure its restoration
  • You might be thinking that when I am referring to Cherry Blossoms I am talking about Japan's distinct identity but it's not like that. These are pictures of #Shillong of our Meghalaya. These cherry blossoms have further enhanced the beauty of Meghalaya
  • November 12 marked the commencement of the 125th birth anniversary celebrations of Dr Salim Ali. Dr Salim has done illustrious work in the field of bird watching - the avian world. This has also attracted bird watchers of the world towards India
  • I have always been an ardent admirer of people who are fond of bird watching. With utmost patience, for hours together from morn to dusk, they can do bird watching, enjoying the scenic beauty of nature; they also keep passing on the knowledge gained to us
  • In India too, many bird watching societies are active. You too should connect yourselves with this subject. Amid the hectic routine of my life, recently in Kevadia, I also got a memorable opportunity to spend time with birds
  • PM Modi emphasizes on taking cultural heritage to the maximum number of people through the medium of technology which he calls is important for the conservation of heritage.
  • We are stepping into winters. The internet is replete with pictures of Cherry Blossom flowers, but they are not from Japan, but from India's Shillong
  • Several museums and libraries in the country are working to make their collection fully digital.
  • Almost 100 years ago in 1913, this idol was stolen from a temple in Varanasi and smuggled out of the country
  • 'Annapurna' idol which was stolen from Varanasi in UP years ago, is being returned to India by the Canadian government
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