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PM Modi in Bangladesh: Focus on counter terrorism


New Delhi, Jun 3: As Prime Minister Narendra Modi gets ready to visit Bangladesh, there will be many areas of focus. One of the key issues would be relating to the border related issues and terrorism. The recent investigations into the Burdwan blast showed how much more needs to be done between the two countries.

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The influx of ISIS and Al-Qaeda agents into Bangladesh who are looking to target India as well will also be a subject matter of discussion, sources informed OneIndia. The growing proximity between the ISIS and the Jammat ul Mujahideen Bangladesh will be discussed.

Modi to discuss counter terrorism

Both the leaders would chalk out plans on how to counter this threat ahead of the Intelligence Bureau warning that there are attempts being made by the ISIS and the Al-Qaeda to cozy up to Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh and spread havoc in Bangladesh and India.

Counter terrorism steps:

While the Intelligence sharing between India and Bangladesh have been good off late, there is another aspect that they would need to focus on and that is counter terrorism. There is intelligence available regarding the movement of terrorists and radicals between the two countries. However that Intelligence needs to be made actionable and this is something that the Prime Ministers of India and Bangladesh would need to chalk out.

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The Indian intelligence agencies have information that the JMB is planning on recruiting Indian youth. In fact the more specific intelligence would suggest that it is at the behest of international terror groups that the JMB is carrying out this recruitment process.

However having intelligence is not sufficient and new ways of nabbing these persons who are mostly based out of Bangladesh have to be discussed.

The role of the states:

However in the case of India it would not end if only the Prime Minister discusses the issues at the highest level. In India law and order is a state subject and it is the state governments which would also have to provide assistance in thwarting the threats from the Bangladesh based militants. States would first have to assure that the local police act immediately against modules that are being set up.

State governments would also have to ensure that modules such as the one found at Burdwan should not come up with the assistance of local politicians.

The threat from the Bangladesh based groups is immense in the North Eastern states, Jharkhand and West Bengal. While at the central level the intelligence agencies in cooperation with their counterparts in Bangladesh could send out information about terrorist movement it would be up to the local police to actually go on the ground and prevent these persons from acting.

Situation could turn worse:

The recent spate of killings in Bangladesh have raised concerns. Several bloggers have been mercilessly targeted thus indicating that there is no room for moderation or liberalization. Groups such as the Ansar ul Bangla are increasingly becoming stronger and are attempting to take the nation back into the 19th century.

The Ansar which is nothing but an extension of the JMB would also look impose a similar reign of terror in India. If India and Bangladesh together work together on such issues, then they would not only be curbed, but will also not be allowed to raise their ugly head once again. Members of the Ansar would look to spread their tentacles in the bordering states of India.

Bangladesh and India would have to continuously share information on a regular basis and ensure that the spread of the Ansar is curbed or nipped in the bud. The intention of groups such as Ansar would be to spread the radical thought process and then gradually move from states such as West Bengal to other parts of the country as well.

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