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People in Jaipur say, BJP is facing wrath of God for destroying Rojgareshwar Temple in Jaipur


New Delhi, Dec 13: Demolition of Rojgareshwar Mahadev Temple in Jaipur has cost the Bharatiya Janata Party very dear at least this is what people of Jaipur say. The curse of the lord of the temple has been upon the BJP which was in arrogance of power.

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People of the city say that during the time of rule of princely state prime minister of Jaipur had to face the same fury of the lord and now the BJP is facing the same thing. People like minister in-charge Rajpal Singh Shekhawat, MLA giving his assent to the project Mohal Lal Gupta and Surendra Parikh and the minister mediating the opposition social welfare minister Arun Chaturvedi and state president of the BJP Ashok Parnami have faced the same thing.

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During the time of princely states tunnels were constructed beneath roads to keep the city secure militarily and these temples were built to provide ventilation to these tunnels secretly but these temples were not temples just for the shake of the temple but idols in some temples have been placed by offering tantric worship. Rojgeshwar Mahadev Temple was one among them.

To develop Jaipur and make the city beautiful, Prime Minister of Jaipur Mirza Ismile ordered destroying the Rojgareshwar temples built on the middle of the road. Scholars and Brahmins of the city opposed it but their opposition was brused aside and demolition of temple started and just a small portion of it was demolished and the only son of Mirza Ismile fell seriously ill. Old men of the city advised that he is challenging the authority of God so he is facing his wrath. He rebuilt the Rojgareshwar Mahadev Temple at his own expanse still he had to quite the post of Prime minister to run away.

Kingdom of Raja Man Singh also had gone. The same was repeated between 2015 and 2018 and for the construction of metro rail the temple was demolished and 12 more big and small temples were demolished. RSS and BJP workers took to the street and idols were once again place in the temple and offering were made and a magnificent temple was built but the government has gone.

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