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Partial Solar Eclipse 2018 on July 13: Will we see it in India?

By Deepika

New Delhi, July 12: July is set to see not just one but two celestial events. First people will be able to witness a solar eclipse which is about to happen on 13th July. This will be the second solar eclipse of the year. The first one which some people may have missed was in January. Secondly, in July people will be able to see Blood Moon 2018 which is touted to be century's longest total lunar eclipse.

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The biggest question enthusiasts in India are currently asking is - will the partial solar eclipse 2018 be visible in India?

Sadly, the answer is "No". This solar eclipse will only be visible in certain parts of the southern hemisphere. Another partial solar eclipse scheduled for August 11 respectively. But unfortunately, this too won't be visible in India. So, that brings us to the question - where will the partial solar eclipse 2018 be visible?

On July 13, 2018, the solar eclipse will be visible for those in the southern region of Australia, but that doesn't mean there won't be plenty of live streams and pictures for those in other parts of the world.

There are three phases during a partial solar eclipse: first, the moon starts to block the sun; then the maximum extent of the eclipse occurs; and lastly, the moon fully passes away from the sun. July's partial solar eclipse will occur at about 1:30 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time, or about 9:30 a.m. for the East Coast in the United States.

What not to do, and What to do during Solar Eclipse

What not to do, and What to do during Solar Eclipse

  • From the starting to the end time of Eclipse, its beneficial to do meditations, chanting of mantra, Hawan, and prayers.
  • Idols of God should not be touched during Solar Eclipse.
  • After that you should take bath and wear new clothes and the sculptures of God should also be washed with Ganga Jal and made to wear new clothes.
  • Except for the Idols, Tulsi and Shami trees, also should not be touched.
  • After Eclipse, these should also sprinkled with Holy water and made pure.
  • The chanting of favored God, guru mantra, Gaytri mantra should be done by lighting a deepak.
  • You should not do things like eating food, cooking food, sleeping, urination or defecation, intercourse or make up.
  • As per a belief related to Solar Eclipse, on this day, pregnant ladies should avoid cutting vegetables and stitching etc. or else, the child to be born might have chances of some physical problems. Also, they should not go out of house at the time of Eclipse, and should not have a sight of Eclipse at all.

  • What to do after the solar eclipse?

    What to do after the solar eclipse?

    After the solar eclipse, one should take a bath, wear clean clothes. One should also pay tribute to the ancestors and offering of charity would be considered auspicious.

    Tasks to be performed

    Tasks to be performed

    People who live in areas which are affected by Surya Grahan should take a bath when the eclipse starts. During the mid period, it is advised to meditate. At the end of the ecplise, doing charity is favourable. Also, taking bath after the salvation of Eclipse and donating grains, clothes, money etc. and after completion of all these works take a bath again.

    Chanting mantra during solar eclipse

    Chanting mantra during solar eclipse

    Generally during the time of Eclipse chanting of any mantra is fruitful. Or else Surya mantra can be chanted of during Solar Eclipse. The Mahamritunjay mantra, reliever of all sorts of problems can be good if chanted.

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