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Parents on One Meal a Day Struggle to Pay for Newborn’s Urgent Heart Surgery

"Since the past 7 months, my 11-months-old daughter's condition has become so bad that she can't even keep her eyes open for long. She has stopped eating completely for she vomits every time she is fed. She needs an urgent heart surgery but I have less than Rs. 1000 in my pocket and am struggling to arrange the money for her surgery. Every time she looks at me with her big black eyes, my heart breaks and I feel like I am failing as a father as I can not even pay for her only chance at life." - Shiv Kumar, Shivani's father.

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Parents on One Meal a Day Struggle to Pay for Newborn’s Urgent Heart Surgery

Shiv and Asha were blessed with a beautiful baby girl in November 2017. 27-year-old Asha's eyes were filled with tears of joy. "She is so precious!" she said as their newborn baby looked at them with big grey eyes and brought immense joy in their lives.

Soon she started to fall sick. It started with frequent fevers and cold. She was kept on continuous medicines for months but her flu didn't seem to go. After consulting a number of local doctors for Shivani, they were relieved to find a doctor who's medication seemed to finally work. They had no idea of what was about to come.

When Shivani turned 8-months-old, her flu transcended into Pneumonia. She was admitted to Apollo Hospital, Delhi where her Pneumonia was cured but her fever still wouldn't go. Soon after, the doctors ran a couple of tests and discovered that she is suffering from Congenital Heart Disease.

Parents on One Meal a Day Struggle to Pay for Newborn’s Urgent Heart Surgery

"She has a hole in her heart they said. We were so shocked and didn't know how to react to this! She is just a little baby. I wish I knew something was wrong when she didn't drink milk and even when she did, she would always be tired later. It feels terrible to see her tiny hands and legs turn blue because she cannot breathe properly. I have lost sleep worrying about how to save our Shivani from this dreadful disease..." - Asha, Shivani's mother

The doctors have now confirmed that Shivani's condition is now very critical and she needs an urgent open heart surgery. The total cost of the surgery will be Rs. 3 lakh. To add to that Shiv and Asha must also organise funds for her medications and post operative care. Shivani is at home as of now, surviving on medication alone as her parents do not have the money to admit her to the hospital.

11-months-old's Shivani is not able to receive enough oxygen, causing her to breathe rapidly and tire out quickly. She does not have much time left and her parents must do something to gather Rs. 3 lakhs to pay for her heart surgery.

"I live in Ali Vihar, Delhi with my family and work as a laborer and get paid Rs. 10,000 per month. I am the only breadwinner and have the responsibility of 3 more members (My wife, my mother and Shivani). My wife and I have started eating only one meal a day to save money for her surgery and medicines which are very expensive. She is inching towards death every second. I know all the odds are against us but we have not lost hope." - Shivani's father.

Parents on One Meal a Day Struggle to Pay for Newborn’s Urgent Heart Surgery

Shiv has been working double shifts to pay for her medicines, tests and doctor visits so far. They have already used up all their savings. Asha has also sold some of her jewellery to gather some amount but they are far from the goal.

How you can help

In the past few months, Shiv and Asha have spent everything they have earned to purchase Shivani's life-saving medicines. Now their 11-months-old is so critical that she cannot survive without an open heart surgery. They are running out of time to save their daughter's life and will not be able to succeed without your contribution. Your contribution could save their child. Also, help them by sharing their plea with family and friends on WhatsApp & Facebook.

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