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Pakistan takes advantage of its strategic location to win powerful nations by its side


New Delhi, Oct 1: A country like Pakistan whose economy is in tatters still continues with such a policy like promoting terrorism and still surviving. Actually its strategic location has been the reason for the country to get bailed out and Pakistan knows it very well and takes advantage of the situation.

Strategic experts say that its geopolitical and strategic standing of Pakistan that forces world powers to its rescue always. The economy of the country is such that it is not self sustainable. Its tax net is very week which is not able to provided enough finance for the growth of the country.

Pakistan takes advantage of its strategic location to win powerful nations by its side

Sources said that Pakistan being the gateway for central Asia, Africa and Europe, any emerging country needs Pakistan by its side. Similarly if any European nation has any interest in south Asia for business purposes it is Pakistan through which one has to pass. All oil pipeline has to come via Pakistan. China building China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) to reach as far as Europe and Africa providing all kinds of concession to Pakistan including supporting on the issue of Masood Azhar.

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Experts say that no one can ignore India for it being the fastest growing economy and also being one of the biggest market in the world but it can also not ignore Pakistan for its strategic location. It has connect with Islamic world with being Islamic country. The most interesting aspect is that if anyone wants to have any deal with Pakistan that can be done just by managing handful of people.

Moreover, if you can manage top brass of Pakistani military you can have any deal in the country. There are just 20 people at the top in military. It is said that destiny of Pakistan is in the hands of 20 core commanders of military including the Army chief. Army is managing the entire affairs of the country. But Pakistan will not be allowed to fail as its has interest of many. The government knows that economic condition is bad and it is not in a position to repay loans but it is still getting it. There is no other option except saving the country for Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, China and the US, anyone will bail it out. The US has been doing this for long with its long time political interest. If IMF does not bail out, China will bail out Pakistan for its strategic location but it is altogether a different matter that China will recover its money as well without any concession. However, the US used to give some concessions as well.

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