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On a lighter note, Indians want 'right to privacy' from mothers, relatives

By Oneindia

Bengaluru, August 25: We all have had our share of experiences when our "near and dear ones" turned too pesky and wanted to know each and every detail about our lives.

Right from your mother literally snatching your phone from your hand to check your WhatsApp texts to your uncle persistently asking you with whom you were seen last Saturday at a popular beer bar, intrusion on your privacy is something all have done at times deliberately and at times unintentionally (let us give them some amount of benefit of doubt).

right to privacy

So, as the nation gets busy understanding the nuances of the landmark Supreme Court verdict on the right to privacy case on Thursday, most youngsters are actually asking for some amount of privacy from their parents, relatives, neighbours, teachers and a few from their exes too, to help them lead a stress-free life.

    Right to Privacy is fundamental, not absolute: Elaborates Arun Jaitley | Oneindia News

    But, is it possible for you to duck a volley of questions from your relatives on the day your exam results are out? Is it possible for you to simply ignore your next-door neighbour's annoying habit of trying to pry through your bedroom window?

    If wishes were horses, Indians would have left each other alone and respect the very core of what right to privacy is all about. But that seems to be asking for too much, literally.

    Till, our Indian culture evolves to that level of maturity, all we could say is keep your phone safe with an intricate password so that no one can access it, flash that vague smile when relatives try to test your patience with personal questions, confuse the curious minds with more confusing answers or just have a hearty laugh as we had with these tweets.

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