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On July 16, Lunar Eclipse 2019 to coincide with Guru Purnima


New Delhi, July 14: On July 16, 2019 it doesn't matter what you're doing-you owe it to yourself to gaze at the darkened sky. A rare lunar eclipse and Guru Purnima 2019 will all fall on the same day. Since this year lunar eclipse is coinciding with Guru Purnima, it's going to be a special spectacle as this is the greatest eclipse of the century.

On July 16, Lunar Eclipse 2019 to coincide with Guru Purnima

The lunar eclipse will bite into the glowing face of the July Full Moon, shrouding it from sight over the nightside of Earth. The eclipse will be a partial one, meaning only a portion of the Moon will vanish. The Moon should be about half-covered by the Earth's umbral shadow at maximum eclipse.

Partial Lunar Eclipse 2019: A guide for Tuesday's rare 'Half-Blood Thunder Moon Eclipse'

Many parts of the world, including most regions of Asia and Europe, Africa, Australia, and South America will get to experience partial Lunar Eclipse. Besides this, Lunar Eclipse will also be visible in India. However, the whole of North America will miss out on the coming eclipse.

This will be the last umbral lunar eclipse until May 2021.

What is a Lunar Eclipse or Chandra Grahan?

Lunar Eclipse is something that happens when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon. This can only occur when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are exactly or very closely aligned.

Ironically, Hindus refrain from performing any puja on the day of lunar eclipse since no auspicious practice is undertaken during the eclipse period. But, in case you were planning to perform Guru Purnima Puja, you can very well do it before 4 pm. The Auspicious time of Guru Purnima will start at 1:30 am and will be concluded at 4:00 pm on July 18, 2019.

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