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Nirbhaya: What went on at Tihar this morning before the execution took place


New Delhi, Mar 20: For the authorities at Tihar, the hanging of the four convicts in the Nirbhaya case was no easy task. Although the preparations were on in full swing, there was some uncertainty as the convicts had decided to petition the Supreme Court late into the night.

Tihar authorities speaking on condition of anonymity told OneIndia that they were sure that the hanging would take place this time as the convicts had exhausted all legal remedies. On Thursday afternoon, we had told the convicts to prepare their wills and also make a final wish. The convicts however did not make a will and inform us about their last wish until the last moment as they felt that they still could stall the hanging by moving the court.

Nirbhaya: What went on at Tihar this morning before the execution took place

On Wednesday, there were dummy executions that were carried out at the phansi kotha or the hanging courtyard. On Thursday the authorities along with the hangman Pawan Jallad inspected the area for the final time before the execution.

The ropes that were sourced from Buxar in Bihar were tied to the beams of the gallows.

Nirbhaya: First time four executed simultaneously at Tihar jailNirbhaya: First time four executed simultaneously at Tihar jail

To make the execution smooth the ropes were dipped in butter. On Thursday the hangman also checked the lever.

On Thursday evening the relatives of the convicts visited the jail. Each of the convicts was lodged in a separate cell and was watched round the clock. Finally at 5.30 am all the four convicts were hanged. All of them were anxious and nervous, the official cited above said.

On Friday morning the hanging process began at 4 am. The hangman made the final preparations. The convicts were told to have a bath and were given a new set of clothes. They were allowed to pray and also have one last meal.

They were then taken to the gallows separately. At the gallows their faces were covered and their hands and legs were tied. The hands and legs are tied so that the prisoner does not try and escape.

Nirbhaya’s killers hanged at Tihar jailNirbhaya’s killers hanged at Tihar jail

At the hanging courtyard there were 10 persons present including the hangman and the jail superintendent. A doctor, resident medical officer, district magistrate and few guards were present. At 5.30 am sharp, the jail superintendent gave the signal for the hanging following which the lever was pulled. The entire process went off smoothly with no glitch, the official said. He also said that the bodies remained in suspended animation for about half and hour following which the jail doctor certified them dead.

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