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Natasha Noel: The hottest yoga instructor who is turning heads

By Anuj Cariappa

New Delhi, Oct 19: Natasha Noel is surely a head turner. Noel's Instagram page is filled with images and videos of her yoga poses which are also accompanied by inspirational quotes.

Uplift humans

Her Instagram page has seen her amass 257 k followers. Uplift humans and breaker of stereotypes, she says on her Instagram profile.

Yoga taught her to love herself:

She says that she started doing yoga for mental health reasons. Noel says that Yoga has taught her to love herself regardless of her insecurities. Earlier she was depressed, but Yoga taught her to be in the present moment.


Her favourite yoga position is the Pawanmuktasana. This is something anyone can do. In this pose you hug one leg and emend the other on the floor.

A trip to Rishikesh:

A trip to Rishikesh:

Noel practises yoga everyday. This is regardless of her travel or work. If she is busy or stressed out, then she restricts the workout to 20 minutes a day. She also makes it a point to visit Rishikesh. For the past two years, she has been going for the International Yoga Festival that takes place in Rishikesh. She recommends visiting this place as various trainers from all over the world come here.

Focus on mental strength

She also says that when she teaches Yoga the focus is more on the strength of the mind. She says that if you have a body you can do yoga. And when it comes to her favourite destination, it is Goa to practice yoga.

She also says that practicing yoga on a sandy surface at the beach is a challenge and she likes it because it works the core even more.

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