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Mysterious Blue Light: UFO or Meteor - Mizoram wonders


Mysterious Blue Light
Aizawl, July 10: What was that? Was it an Unidentified Flying Object(UFO) or a meteor flash from the sky? Mizoram is still bustling with the speculations of the sight that its skies saw last Monday, reported media.

A bright bluish light streaked through the sky towards the west of Mizoram and lit up the night sky before breaking into a handful of pieces and disappearing into the clouds. It sounded as though thunder rumbled over the mountains. This happened around 8.30 pm on Monday.

"It came really fast. It was blue and flew high in the sky. Then it suddenly split into maybe five or six pieces and disappeared. and then there was the explosion. I immediately grabbed my camera in case it came back and waited for an hour but it did not. It's the strangest thing I have ever seen," said Alfred Vanchhawng, a journalist who saw what is largely believed to be a meteor, but for which there has been no evidence.

Hriat Puia Khiangte, another journalist who lives in Tlabung, a small town at the India-Bangladesh border, said in a Facebook post that some women and children in some neighbourhoods ran out of their homes scared, and that an explosion was heard immediately after the object disappeared.

Social Media has been buzzing with eyewitness reports from across the state that all said the same thing: the blue object flew fast towards the west and was visible for five seconds or more before exploding. Some in Aizawl and towns and villages to the west and south described the explosion as thunder.

While some people said that the rumble shook the windows of their houses, some others described it as bright enough to have lit up the insides of their houses darkened by an power cut just at the time.

Dr Vanlalzara of the Mizoram Science Centre said the flying object is most probably bits of a meteor that did not immediately burn up in the upper atmosphere and came much closer to earth than normal. But he said he cannot prove this.

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