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My skirt was lifted: Gargi College fest turns ugly, girls allege mass molestation


New Delhi, Feb 09: A few students from Delhi's Gargi College alleged that a group of men barged into campus and harassed the students of the all-women college on Thursday during their annual fest.

The incident happened around 4pm on February 6 during the third day of the college annual festival 'Reverie' was under way.

My skirt was lifted: Gargi College fest turns ugly, girls allege mass molestation

According to reports, the entry pass system failed because large groups of men rammed college gates and broke into the college premises without any resistance from security.

Speaking to SheThePeople, a second-year student at Gargi said, "One guy kept touching me and when I retaliated he and his friends smirked, I was even grabbed by men I couldn't see, my skirt was lifted with being told how I was asking for it with the way I was dressed".

Another girl from the first year reported how she saw a girl was standing near the entry gate when a group of guys walked passed her and threw money on her.

The students also blamed college authorities on their inaction.

Restrictions were in place and men were barred from attending the event. The event was open for boys studying in other Delhi University colleges and they were given passes. However, their ID could not be checked as the group broke the gates to enter the campus.

Students said that a large crowd of men barged into campus after breaking open the gate and started molesting girls, catcalling and passing lewd comments.

Social media posts about the incident suggest that these men were drunk and they groped, masturbated at, catcalled and teased students present.

They also alleged that the college administration told students not to come to college if they feel unsafe.

However, college authorities said that students have so far not registered any complaint regarding the incdent.

Promila Kumar, the principal of the college, said that there were enough security arrangements and personnel deployed in the premises.

"No complaint has been filed. Police in uniform and plainclothes, commandos and bouncers were on duty. No such incident was reported to the administration," she said.

She also that there was an arena meant only for girls in the campus during the fest. "If they were outside that, it was their choice."

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