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CS: My COVID-19 saga: Tale of a coronavirus survivor

By Dr. C S Rajaan
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Firstly : Gratitude

All Celestial Salutations with deep Compassion and Sweetness,
For my Complete Salvage from the ravages of the Corona Syndrome.
And my Credit Statement of Commendation with Salutation
To All Medical Health Care and Service teams for their
Comprehensive Success to return my Constitutional Strength.

My COVID-19 saga: Tale of a coronavirus survivor

Secondly : Why me....?

To be Chosen Selectively for the Chiller Stumping ??
I was healthy, with no major Co-morbidity Sickness,
Practicing all Conduct Styles (SMS : Soaping, Masking & Social distancing)
And Called the Shots, taking both doses of CoviShield
And yet, Covid Struck...! And hit hard......!!
Thirdly : What happened.....? - Initial
Chills and Shivers; Coryza and Stuffiness of the nose, for about 4 days
The Confirming Swab test (RT-PCR) came positive on 26th April.
Recommended Cure Substances for mild Covid Started.
Weakness never left, Curious Sensation of loss of taste and smell, set in.

Thirdly : What happened.....? - Later

On 3rd May, a Cold and Sudden worsening
With aCute Shortness of breath, taken to St Martha's Hospital.
Chest Skiagram, and CT Scan done... Counted Score of 9/25
Inflammatory Markers sent showed a mild Crescendo Surge.
Even with Cortico Steroids in the main for therapy,
And Clexane to Stop blood clots, plus
Covering Secondary Infection with third generation Cephalo Sporins,
The Clearness of Sane mind seemed Convoluted, yet Shortened!
Told, the 'Cytokine Storm' had hit, Tocilizumab given.
ICU area shift for better Care and Support,
Need of upto 15L/minute of Oxygen
Delivered through a face Clasping Shroud.

Fourthly : 'Touch and go' time..!

The Constricting Suffocation, of the chest,
The Cerebral Starvation of Oxygen,
The Control-less Sympathetic response,
The Cursed Solitude of the ICU
The Cruel Surroundings of
Ventilator lights with Colour and Sirens
Blue Code Shouts with Chaotic Scenes on neighbouring beds,
Caused Chainless Swings of the mind,
Confusion Supreme in Thought,
With black Curling Shadows of beckoning death!
Fear, Clouding Sane mind,
Is this life's Cessation Summons?
Of Cemetery Sand pits,
Or of Crematorium Smoke..?

Recovery : The Calm Surprise

With no apparent reason, 3 days later,
A Courageous Strength appears
Breathing eases, oxygen need Curiously Scales down
The mind gets Clearer and Steady.
And Confident Smiles appear with treating Teams.
I've turned the Corner Sharp
My body breaks the Covid Shackles..!

Return :

With the Charming Smile of Lady Luck,
Plus Confident Support of medic teams,
And very important, the Crucial Strut
Of the love of the Children and Spouse,
Aided by Worldwide Countless Supplications of kith, kin and friends,
And the Charitable Sweetness of the Good Shepherd Sisters,
There was a Constant Steady improvement,
To a Clear Sighted return home in 11 days.
Albeit, with a Corporeal Squashed feeling.

Lesson :

Vaccination has been my Crucial Saviour.
Critically Saved me from need of ventilation..!
Like, with the Car Seatbelt, I got into a Car Smash up,
But Crawled and Squeezed out of the wreckage, alive.
So, please vaccinate, let us all Come Safely through,
This Cursed Span of Time!
And I remain, Cordial and Soothed,
To Cash in Spectacularly, on this yet another term,
Of Caring Surgically for the needy and
To the Continuous Share of Cheer and Sprightliness with All..!

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