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Modi's Journey of self discovery in Himalayan encounters

By Anuj Cariappa

We've all had moments riddled with self-doubt. The moments laced with uncertainty, the awkward period between adolescence and adulthood when you feel adrift about the direction of your life. So it's a should be a comfort to know PM Modi was no different from the rest of us. When Modi was 17 he decided to Travel in quest of his purpose in life. "I was undecided, unguided and unclear," the prime minister told Humans of Bombay. "I didn't know where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do and why I wanted to do it. But all I knew, was that I wanted to do something."

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

We've all wanted to drive off into the horizon in search of our purpose. Just get "On The Road" to go on a pancake tour of America or whatever the desi equivalent of it is. But young Modi chose to take to the Himalayas sans car, friends or pancakes. He said, " I traveled far and wide, spent time at Ramakrishna Mission, met sadhus and saints, stayed with them and began a discovery, inwards."

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We lament about our roommates taking too long in the shower and using up all the hot water, while Modi took freezing cold baths in the Himalayan river at 3 a.m and learned " Peace, oneness, and Dhyan can be found, even in the simple sound of a waterfall." So think about that the next time you rant about cold showers.

Even at a young age Modi wanted to dedicate his life to the service of others and thought about dedicating his life to the army. However, his interactions with various folks disabused him of that notion and opened him up to the immense possibilities that the universe has to offer. With that resolve, he took off on a journey of self-discovery that paid him back in spades as he carries the lessons of his travels to this day.

"I aligned and experienced revelations that help me till today. I realized that we're all tied down by our thoughts and limitations. When you surrender and stand in front of the vastness -- you know that you're a small part of a large universe. When you understand that, any trace of arrogance you have in you melts and then life truly begins."

"That's when it all changed," Modi said. "After two years, I returned home with clarity and a guiding force to lead the way."

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His journey into self-actualization made him realize that we're all slave to our thoughts and limitations. Once we let go, there's nothing stopping us from achieving greatness. And that's precisely what the Prime Minister did. In the five-part interview with Humans of Bombay, Modi narrated his life story that speaks volumes of his struggles and his resilience in the face of adversity. From helping out during the Gujarat floods when he was 8-years -old to traveling in search of answers when he was 17, he has led a remarkable life.

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