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'Modi Government done PhD on ruining institutions', says Congress


On March 29, the Congress lashed out at the Modi govt and said, "Even as crores of our youth are unemployed and have taken to streets, Modi Govt has systematically denigrated our institutions one by one. In fact, Modi Government has done a PhD in ruining institutions. First, they nurtured the 'Vyapam Virus' in Madhya Pradesh, then they spread the same patented virus throughout the country in the multi-layered SSC Scam and now they have not even spared our students. Encouraging 'Exam Mafia' has become the bedrock of BJP's policies."

Modi Government done PHD on ruining institutions, says Congress

The Congress further added that it is absolutely shocking and heart rendering that the future of 24 Lakh students is in severe jeopardy as the Modi Government officially admits that 2 CBSE papers- 'Economics Examination Paper' for Class XII leaked on March 26thand 'Mathematics Examination Paper' for Class X boards leaked yesterday (March 28th), almost an hour before the students sat for the exam. It may just turn out to be the tip of the iceberg as multiple news reports and social media stories on how the Biology, Chemistry and English papers have also been leaked are also surfacing now. Despite registration of an FIR and an enquiry, shockingly;

CBSE has admitted the leak of 3 exam papers.

The Congress attacked the Education Minister and said, "The HRD Minister instead of accepting responsibility is busy targeting political opponents in West Bengal"

Congress accuses BJP of complete apathy and deliberate negligence marred the leakage of CBSE papers:-

1. Since the Modi Government came power, for almost 2 years, the post of the CBSE Chairperson was kept vacant under the then HRD Minister, Smriti Irani. After continuous criticism, RK Chaturvedi was appointed as the CBSE Chairperson only on July 27, 2016, for a tenure until July 27, 2020.

Then Anita Karwal, earlier CEO Gujarat, was appointed as the CBSE Chairperson on September 8, 2017.

Instead of taking extreme care in conducting the examinations, Karwal was busy camping in Ahmedabad, promoting her book on mountaineering. Astonishingly, a news report also claims that the CBSE Chairperson, Karwal had received a copy of the leaked Mathematics paper a day before the exam was to be conducted.

2. Multiple instances of bungling and malfeasance have marred the CBSE under Modi Govt:-

  • Errors in the evaluation of Class XII board exam papers in the year 2017.
  • The practice of inflating marks in board examinations.
  • The alleged setting of tough questions in the NEET exam in regional languages. (MPs from Bengal and Tamil Nadu had complained about the nature of questions being asked of students taking the NEET in their mother tongue.)

Coincidentally the officials in key positions at both SSC and CBSE have handpicked IAS officers of Prime Minister from the time he was Gujarat Chief Minister i.e Ashim Khurana and Anita Karwal.

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