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Meet K K Muhammad who was part of ASI team that said Masjid was Mandir


New Delhi, Nov 09: K K Muhammad had once said death is preferable while on duty. He made this comment when he was told he was going to be suspended for making public the fact that he had discovered temple remnants inside the Babri Mosque.

Muhammad worked along with archaeologist B B Lal, the former director-general of the ASI who led the excavation team that first claimed to have unearthed remnants of a Hindu temple.

K K Muhammad

The Supreme Court today relied heavily on the findings by the ASI and said that the same could not be dismissed as conjecture. During his lectures, he said that at the time of the Ayodhya excavations, he was part of the group. There was evidence of the presence of Lord Ram, but the Left made a hue and cry out of it.

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I am neither religious nor Leftist in my archaeological pursuits. There are religious people who say thousands of years ago, but as an archaeologist, I cannot go along with the that. On the other hand, there are Leftists who think Ram Janmabhoomi is a cock and bull story, but I know there is a kernel of truth, he had said.

In 2016, he wrote his autobiography titled Njan Enna Bharatiyan ( I am an Indian). He wrote about his experiences as a regional director (North) of the ASI. He claimed that the remains of a Hindu temple were found during the excavation by B B Lal and team. He retired from the ASI in 2012. He had said the Muslims should hand over Ayodhya as they have Mecca and Madina.

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