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Mann Ki Baat: Banned e-cigarettes for better future of India, says PM Modi


New Delhi, Sep 29: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday shared his thoughts with the people across the country and abroad in his 'Mann Ki Baat' programme on All India Radio at 11 AM. This was the 57th episode of the monthly radio programme.

Mann Ki Baat: PM Modi to share his thoughts at 11 am

Taking to Twitter, Modi reminded people to tune into his 'Mann ki Baat' programme on September 29.

Starting his address, PM Modi spoke about the 'Night angel of India' Lata Mangeshkar and said that she cherished by all Indians with respect and affection from the core of their hearts and said that she has always inspired her.

"There must be hardly an Indian citizen who does not show deep regard for her, does not revere her. She is elder to most of us and has been witness to myriad phases, different eras the country has passed through. We address her as "DIDI"...Lata Didi. She turns 90 today," said PM Modi.

PM Modi also spoke about the festive season in India.

The Prime Minister also urged people to launch a campaign to honour daughters who have made a mark with their achievements in various fields for public good.

The prime minister said on Diwali, goddess Lakshmi is welcomed in homes as it is believed that she brings prosperity and happiness.

"Daughters are considered as Lakshmi in our culture ... can't we felicitate daughters in our villages and cities by holding public programmes," he suggested in his monthly 'Mann ki Baat' radio address. He said there are several women in society who are making a mark by their talent.

"There are several daughters, daughters-in-law who are doing exceptional work ... some are teaching poor children, some are spreading awareness about health and sanitation. Many are serving as doctors, engineers ... as lawyers they are helping in delivery of justice. The society can identify such daughters and honour them across India," he said.

Modi, who is known for extensively using social media to connect with the people, said their work can be highlighted on social media platforms using the hashtag "BharatKiLakshmi". Modi recalled the success of the "selfie with daughter" campaign to drive home his point. "Encouraging Bharat ki Lakshmi means strengthening the path to success of the country and its people," the prime minister said.

Referring to the festival season, the prime minister also reminded listeners about the rich-poor divide and said there should be an "out delivery" of gifts and sweets.

"On the one hand, when we experience 'delivery in' of sweetmeats, apparel, gifts and so on, let us think for a moment on the process of 'delivery out'. At least in our homes, items that are in excess and are not required anymore, could be allocated for 'delivery out'," he said referring to the joy of sharing. He said in festivities, homes are filled with joy. But there are many people around who remain deprived of celebrations, he said. " ... And this is what is termed as 'chirag tale andhera' (darkness under a lamp). Perhaps this adage is not just a set of words, it is an order, a philosophical thought, or an inspiration," he said.

There are some homes bathed in shimmering lights but on the other hand, there are some homes mired in darkness.

"There are homes where sweetmeats are left to rot; there are homes where children yearn for a sweet," the prime minister said urging people to share the joy. He suggested contacting NGOs and startups which distribute clothes and food to the "underprivileged".

He also shared his thoughts about the Russian tennis star Daniil Medvedev's sportsman spirit after facing defeat in the hands of Rafael Nadal in the US Open.

Talking about Medvedev's heart-winning post-match speech, PM Modi said, "I hope you are aware that I am just as common a person like everyone else. Being an ordinary citizen, whatever affects you has the same effect on me as well. Hence I too heard the speech and watched the tennis match between Nadal and Medvedev. Sheer simplicity and maturity displayed by Medvedev touched everyone."

Prime Minister Modi also emphasized on the 23-year-old's undeniable sportsman spirit despite losing the Grand Slam final."It surely stirred me. He won hearts with humility and simplicity; an epitome of the spirit of sportsmanship in the truest sense that he is, in letter and spirit," PM Modi said.

Modi also encouraged his fellow countrymen to hear Daniil's speech and take inspirations from that.

Modi also said e-cigarettes were banned to prevent the youth from falling into the new way of intoxication. He also said there are several misconceptions being spread about use of e cigarettes, including the one which says that it is not harmful for health.

Modi said several harmful chemicals are added to e cigarettes which have a bad effect on health. Urging people to shun tobacco, the prime minister warned that e cigarettes, which are used as a "fashion statement", are a new way of getting addicted to nicotine.

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