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'Mann Ki Baat' Highlights: Only our collective strength can defeat Corona, says PM Modi

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New Delhi, Dec 26: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation in the 84th episode of his monthly Mann Ki Baat radio programme today. The latest edition of Mann Ki Baat was 2021's last edition of the popular radio programme.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

"Mann ki Baat" is the Prime Minister's monthly radio address, which is broadcast on the last Sunday of every month. The programme will be broadcast on the entire network of AIR and Doordarshan and also on AIR News and mobile app.

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11:40 AM, 26 Dec
Prime Minister Narendra Modi concludes his Mann Ki Baat address.
11:39 AM, 26 Dec
The next MannKi Baat will take place in 2022. Till then let us keep innovating, doing new things and always strive for the progress of our nation and the empowerment of our fellow Indians: PM
11:39 AM, 26 Dec
In a way, this is also the mantra of AatmaNirbhar Bharat, because when we use our resources properly, then we will realise our true potential, says PM Modi
11:38 AM, 26 Dec
As we enter 2022, we must not forget we have to take the country towards newer heights of development, so we have to make full use of every resource, says PM Modi
11:38 AM, 26 Dec
In order to thrive further as a successful nation, we have to ensure that we are heading towards holistic development, utilise our local resources religiously & think magnanimously to build an Aatmanirbhar Bharat. : PM
11:37 AM, 26 Dec
New beginnings also bring new opportunities to recognise our potential. The goals that seemed impossible once, the nation is achieving those today: PM
11:37 AM, 26 Dec
Civil Aviation Ministry has recently started an initiative to decompose waste leaves. Such initiatives inspire us to keep our surroundings clean & come up with innovative ways to reuse & recycle: PM Modi
11:37 AM, 26 Dec
You will be happy to know that 30,000 NCC Cadets cleaned the beaches under the 'Puneet Sagar Abhiyan', says PM Modi.
11:36 AM, 26 Dec
'SAAF-Water' is a startup that is helping people map & identify clean drinking water with the help of Artificial Intelligence & IoT which is enabling people to drink clean water with the help of technology, says PM Modi.
11:27 AM, 26 Dec
I have got a lot of messages & suggestions for 2022 from all of you. Like always, one topic is in most of the messages and that is cleanliness & clean India, says PM Modi.
11:26 AM, 26 Dec
People of Arunachal Pradesh have run a year-long unique campaign and named it 'Arunachal Pradesh Aur Gun Surrender Campaign', says PM Modi
11:25 AM, 26 Dec
Serbian Scholar Dr Momir Nikich has made a bilingual Sanskrit Siberian dictionary where more than 70,000 Sanskrit words have been included in this dictionary, says PM Modi
11:25 AM, 26 Dec
Today, there is an increased curiosity to learn more about Indian culture. People from different nations are not just curious to learn but are also helping to promote it further: PM Modi
11:25 AM, 26 Dec
Vittalacharya Ji has proven age is just a number when it comes to achieving your dreams, says PM Modi
11:23 AM, 26 Dec
Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute in Pune has started an online course on 'Mahabharata' which will teach individuals across the world to know more about Indian history: PM Modi
11:22 AM, 26 Dec
The passion for reading books creates an amazing satisfaction. These days I see people taking pride in telling the number of books that they have read this year: PM Modi
11:22 AM, 26 Dec
He created a library from his savings which today has over 2 lakh books and benefits many students of that region, the PM says
11:22 AM, 26 Dec
Dr Kurella from Telangana has taught us that age is just a barrier. He started writing extensively in Telugu despite his economic shortcomings as a child & became a ferocious reader & writer, says PM Modi
11:20 AM, 26 Dec
'Vande Mataram sung by students from Greece is a great example of binding two nations together. It teaches us how we as people unite on the basis of our culture & passion," says PM Modi
11:20 AM, 26 Dec
I am planning to interact with students, part of the 'Pariksha Pe Charcha' programme and government will also be hosting a competition for students & teachers of classes 9th-12th. It will be a great opportunity to discuss education, career & other dynamics, says PM Modi
11:19 AM, 26 Dec
Group Captain Varun Singh bravely battled with death for many days but unfortunately, he passed away. He was felicitated with Shaurya Chakra in August 2021. He had also written a letter to his school principal where he highlighted that "it’s ok to be mediocre", says PM Modi.
11:18 AM, 26 Dec
I intend to bring stories that are transforming India & lives & building a vibrant India with the help of these individuals, says PM Modi.
11:18 AM, 26 Dec
In the last 7 years, I could have dwelled upon the government's initiatives during MannKiBaat. However, my intent is to talk about the unsung heroes from different corners of India, says PM Modi
11:17 AM, 26 Dec
If we compare global vaccination figures with that of India, we have successfully vaccinated 140 crore eligible population. It shows a collective community effort and people's trust in Indian scientists, medical structure & the government, says PM Modi.
11:15 AM, 26 Dec
We have to keep taking precautions against COVID-19 in the wake of the new variant, says the prime minister.
11:15 AM, 26 Dec
India's vaccination numbers are rising and this shows the innovative zeal of our scientists and the trust of our people, says PM Modi.
11:14 AM, 26 Dec
It is my experience of decades that away from the glare of the media, away from the headlines of the newspapers, there are many people who are doing great things, says PM Modi
11:11 AM, 26 Dec
For me, MannKiBaat is not about highlighting the work of the government, which could have been easily done. Instead, it is about collective efforts by grassroots level change-makers, says PM Modi.
11:09 AM, 26 Dec
"We must remember that a new variant of COVID19 #Omicron has knocked our doors. To defeat this global pandemic our effort as citizens is important," PM Modi said in 'Mann Ki Baat'
11:08 AM, 26 Dec
PM Modi hails India for standing together as a family amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

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