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Madhya Pradesh Floor Test Update: Kamal Nath's government comes to an end

By oneindia staff

Bhopal, Mar 19: Days after the Madhya Pradesh Congress and the BJP held a blame game, the political drama in the state has come to an end with the resignation of Kamal Nath from the chief minister post.

Madhya Pradesh Floor test LIVE: Will Kamal Nath be able to save govt after Scindias departure?

Kamal Nath made the announcement on Friday and slammed the BJP for indulging in horse-trading. With this move by Kamal Nath, a floor test will not be necessary. The BJP would not have to prove its majority in the House.

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3:40 PM, 20 Mar
BJP leader Shivraj Singh Chouhan denies Kamal Nath's claims and said, If a government topples due to their own internal conflict then we can't do anything. You can see that we were not in the game to form or topple a government. They (Congress) should do some self introspection that what gave rise to such situation."
2:57 PM, 20 Mar
Ahead of floor test, Madhya Pradesh BJP leaders show victory sign in the Assembly. Earlier, Congress leader Kamal Nath resigned as the Chief Minister of the State.
1:25 PM, 20 Mar
Independent MLA Pradeep Jaiswal extends support to the BJP and said, "Being an Independent MLA, now I don't have have any other option but to support the new government for the development of my people."
12:37 PM, 20 Mar
I have done politics all my life with values. The BJP cannot defeat my state. They won’t succeed ever, Kamal Nath said.
12:36 PM, 20 Mar
Kamal Nath has resigned as Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. He would be tendering his resignation to the Governor.
12:32 PM, 20 Mar
Kamal Nath accused the BJP and said that the saffron party conspired with the Maharaja and his 22 associates to destabilise the Congress government in Madhya Pradesh.
12:23 PM, 20 Mar
The people of this country can see the truth behind the incident where MLAs are being held as hostages in Bengaluru. One day, the truth will come out, says CM Kamal Nath
12:21 PM, 20 Mar
While addressing the media, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath said that the results of the State elections came on December 11. The Congress received the maximum seats and got a mandate for 5 years. He further went on to say that the BJP had 15 years to improve Madhya Pradesh but his government got only 15 months.
12:11 PM, 20 Mar
Madhya Pradesh Assembly Speaker has accepted the resignation of BJP MLA Sharad Kaul leaving the total number of MLAs resigned to 23.
11:59 AM, 20 Mar
The Speaker of the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly, Prajapati said that he has also accepted the resignation of BJP MLA Sharad Col. He had earlier said that he forced to resign. But after looking at the documents and the fact that he did not meet me personally it did not appeared forced, the Speaker also said.
11:22 AM, 20 Mar
In the recent developments, it is alleged that the BJP is also holding a legislative party meeting at a resort in Sehore.
11:15 AM, 20 Mar
All Congress MLAs have left the hotel in Bhopal. They have been in the hotel since March 15. They would hold discussions before Kamal Nath addresses the media.
10:37 AM, 20 Mar
The Speaker has not listed the floor test in the list of business for today. This despite the Supreme Court ordering that a floor test be held today. While the BJP has asked if Kamal Nath is above the law, this could have been done as a floor test may not be required today. There are several indications that Kamal Nath may quit after meeting with his MLAs.
10:36 AM, 20 Mar
The floor test will be conducted today 5 pm and the fate of the government will be decided by a show of hands as ruled by the Supreme Court on Thursday.
10:36 AM, 20 Mar
With the Speaker accepting the resignations of all 22 MLAs, the effective strength of the Congress in the House is 92.
10:33 AM, 20 Mar
The BJP has 107 seats in the House, which now has a strength of 206. This means that the majority mark now stands at 104 and the BJP on its own has three more than the required number.
10:30 AM, 20 Mar
Wait for it says Digvijaya Singh on being asked if Kamal Nath will resign ahead of the trust vote.
9:35 AM, 20 Mar
Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath is expected to announce his resignation ahead of the floor test that is scheduled to be held at 2 pm as he does not have numbers to prove majority. On the other side, the BJP seems to have a numerical advantage.
8:30 AM, 20 Mar
Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath has said that his government would seek legal advice and study every aspect of the Supreme Court judgment on holding a floor test in the Assembly.
7:47 AM, 20 Mar
BJP, Congress issue whip to all its members to be present in the House.
7:46 AM, 20 Mar
The Supreme Court had said that if the rebels want to go to the House, they may, but shall be provided security.
7:44 AM, 20 Mar
We will study the judgment of the Supreme Court, Kamal Nath had said hours after the verdict.
7:44 AM, 20 Mar
The three line whip by the Congress was issued by chief whip and minister for parliamentary affairs, Govind Singh.
7:44 AM, 20 Mar
The BJP’s whip was issued by Narottam Mishra. The BJP has asked all its MLAs to vote against the 15 month old Kamal Nath government.
6:16 PM, 19 Mar
16 MLA who may want to attend the floor test to be provides security
6:15 PM, 19 Mar
The floor test will be video graphed and it should conclude by 5 pm and will be by show of hands.
6:14 PM, 19 Mar
MP floor test tomorrow orders Supreme Court
5:42 PM, 19 Mar
SC to deliver verdict on MP floor test at 5.50 pm today
5:19 PM, 19 Mar
The Bench has not stated clearly whether the time line is about the floor test or a time only for giving the judgment.
5:10 PM, 19 Mar
The Supreme Court has reserved its verdict. It says it would decide on what it wants to order following a ten minute break.

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