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Lunar Eclipse 2022 guide: Where and when to watch total lunar eclipse 'Blood moon' LIVE on May 16

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New Delhi, May 08: On 16 May 2022, a total lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan will occur over South America, most of North America and parts of Europe and Africa.

This will be the second eclipse of the year, after the April 30/May 1 partial solar eclipse that was visible in parts of the southern hemisphere.

Lunar Eclipse 2022 guide: Where and when to watch for the total lunar eclipse Blood moon online on May 16

Chandra Grahan 2022: Date and timings

On May 16, the lunar eclipse will start at 07:02 in the morning and will end at 12:20 in the afternoon. The total eclipse effect is expected to peak around 08:59 a.m. on May 16. At that time, the first Blood Moon of 2022 will become more clearly visible.

According to NASA, the moon will enter the outer part of the Earth's shadow at 7:02 am on May 16th. The entire Moon will be in the Earth's umbra (full shadow) appearing red at 08:59 a.m. The eclipse will end at 12:20 pm on May 16th.

At 1 hour and 25 minutes, this is going to be the longest duration of eclipse totality, or annularity, NASA has said.

The entire eclipse lasts for more than five hours, ending at 12:20 pm. However, observers in India will not be able to see the eclipse. The country will, however, be able to see the next two eclipses this year. A partial solar eclipse will take place on October 25, and a partial lunar eclipse will occur on November 7-8 this year.

What is Total lunar eclipse?

During a total lunar eclipse, the Moon usually turns a deep, dark red because it is illuminated by light that has passed through the Earth's atmosphere and has been bent back towards the Moon by refraction.

How often do lunar eclipses happen?

A lunar eclipse happens between two to five times a year, with a total lunar eclipse occurring at least two every three years.

Lunar Eclipse 2022 guide: Where and when to watch for the total lunar eclipse Blood moon LIVE on May 16

How to watch lunar eclipse on May 16?

Though the lunar eclipse will not be visible in India on May 16, stargazers will be able to live stream it through the social media platforms of NASA. You can tune in to NASA's Facebook, YouTube, or official website to watch the Chandra Grahan.

The total lunar eclipse will be visible close to the time the Moon sets on Monday morning in western parts of Europe and Africa. The full duration of the eclipse will be visible throughout all of South America, Central America, eastern US and Canada, and most of Antarctica. In the western parts of US and Canada, totality will be visible just after moonrise Sunday evening.

The skywatchers in New Zealand, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe will also experience the penumbral eclipse during which only the edge of Earth's shadow falls over the Moon.

Will Chandra Grahan 2022 be visible in India?

Unfortunately, the first Lunar Eclipse of 2022 or 'Chandra Grahan' 2022 will not be visible in India. It will be visible in the whole of South America and the Eastern Parts of North America.

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