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Live SP crisis: SP feud: Shivpal Yadav leaves UP CM's residence after he was not able to meet him

By Oneindia

Lucknow, Oct 24 Less than six months away from Uttar Pradesh elections, the state's 'First Family', the Mulayam Singh Yadav clan is in turmoil and the ruling Samajwadi Party in a meltdown.

mulayam singh yadav

It's a manic Monday today in the politics of India's largest state, with Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and his father Mulayam seemingly going head-to-head against each other.

Will Akhilesh tamp down after Mulayam's warning that "while the youngsters in the party think they are goons, I am the bigger goon here"?

And even if they do make an uneasy peace today, is it all downhill for the party from here?

Who will benefit the most from the SP's self-goal -- the BJP or BSP?

Stay tuned in for the latest updates on crisis in the Samajwadi Party which is celebrating Silver Jubilee here:

8:45 pm: Shivpal Singh Yadav leaves UP CM Akhilesh Yadav's residence after he was not able to meet him.

8:30 pm: SP MP Amar Singh extends his bets wishes to CM Akhilesh Yadav.

8:25 pm: For me silence is the best strategic answer to all questions: Amar Singh, SP MP

7:45 pm: CM Akhilesh Yadav reaches Mulayam Singh Yadav's residence.

7:20 pm: SP feud: Shivpal Yadav meets CM Akhilesh Yadav at CM's residence in Lucknow.

6:50 pm: MLC Ashu Malik's slapping allegations baseless. He can lodge an FIR, probe will reveal the truth: MLC Anand Bhadauria, Akhilesh supporter.

6:30 pm: Only Shivpal Yadav has raised finger at me. My political opponents haven't ever. Minus Akhilesh, Samajwadi Party is zero: Ram Gopal Yadav.

6:14 pm: There is no question of forming a new party. People who have nothing will form new party, Akhilesh has all support: Ram Gopal Yadav.

6:12 pm: I stand with Akhilesh Yadav, we will again make him Chief Minister: Ramgopal Yadav on feud in SP.

5:46 pm: Was slapped by minister Pawan Pandey at CM's residence: SP MLC Ashu Malik.

5:36 pm: SP rift continues: Day after he was sacked by the Chief Minister, Shivpal Yadav sacks Akhilesh's 10 aides.

2.56 pm: Samajwadi Party to act against those who shouted slogans.

2.55 pm: Mulayam tells both Shivpal and Akhilesh that he is very angry.

2.54 pm: Akhilesh tells supporters not to shout slogans after meeting with father ends.

2.22 pm: Kolkata: Amar Singh refuses to answer questions on rift in Samajwadi Party.

1.17 pm: Akhilesh Yadav reaches Mulayam Singh's residence after heated spat with father

12.44 pm: Before walking out, Mulayam Singh says Akhilesh will not be removed as the CM. Hug your uncle Shivpal, Mulayam tells son.

12.38 pm: Mulayam Singh walks out after telling CM's supporters that he is lying. Akhilesh goes to podium and says Amar Singh not acceptable in the party. Meet ends without a decision

12.31 pm: The spat is for everyone to see. Father son argue as drama worsens in Samajwadi Party.

12.29 pm: A heated debate on between father and son. Akhilesh interrupts Mulayam.

12.26 pm: "Samajwadi Party will not break, I will not let the party break," Mulayam.

12.25 pm: Please work together and don't fight. Mulayam appeals to both son and brother.

12.12 pm: Narendra Modi became the PM due to struggle and dedication. He comes from a poor family, Mulayam says at meet.

[With Amar Singh's name cropping up again, can Mulayam lose him?]

12.09 pm: All of Amar Singh's sins are forgiven. I cannot leave Singh or Shivpal says Mulayam.

[Uttar Pradesh: Will a battered SP choose Mulayam Singh as CM?]

12.08 pm: This meeting was called by me so that we can win the elections. It is not Akhilesh who called for this meeting, it was I who did says Mulayam.

12.06 pm: "I wont hear a word against Shivpal," says Mulayam Singh.

12.05 pm: "Why this letter war. If you had concerns you should have sent a note," Mualayam tells Akhilesh.

[UP Family Mahabharata: Akhilesh-Mulayam war out in the open; SP on the brink of split]

12.00 pm: Mulayam, "Amar Singh is like a brother to me. He stood by me during tough times".

11.52 am: "I will never forget what Shivpal has done for me and the party," Mulayam at SP meet.

11.51 am: "Drunkards and goons have been added to the party. Some people get some power and it goes to their head. Shivpal is the mass leader," says Mulayam.

11.46 am: "Don't think I am weak. Dont think the youth is not with me. I am the bigger goon. I made the party. The young persons in the party thinks they are goons, but I am the bigger one," says Mulayam.

11.40 am: Unfit to be a leader if you cant take criticism, Mulayam says without naming anyone.

11.37 am: "Instead of fighting our weakness we are fighting among each other. Those who are jumping around too much will not be able to bear it if they get hit with a stick. We have worked very hard to form this party. We have given importance to the young. Some ministers are being sycophants. Those who cannot think big cannot be ministers," says Mulayam.

11.28 am: You have to take charge now says Shivpal to Mulayam. Mulayam Singh speaks. Says he is hurt about this rift in the family.

11.24 am: "Netaji you are an alternative to Modi. Who has let you down? We will form the next government in UP under the leadership of netaji." - Shivpal Singh Yadav

11.19 am: I made calls to Ajit Singh and several MLAs to ensure that we won seats in the MLC and Rajya Sabha polls. Akhilesh never made any such calls says Shivpal.

11.17 am: "The SP will not tolerate liars. Everyone in the party must work towards winning the UP election," says Shivpal.

11.16 am: "I welcomed the decision to make Akhilesh president of the party. Did I work any less than Akhilesh," asks Shivpal.

11.15 am: "Amar Singh ke pairon ki to dhool bhi nahin ho tum log (you people are not even the dust of his feet). I never hid that I met him," says Shivpal.

11.11 am: Shivpal gets emotional and says, "Have I contributed nothing? Netaji appreciated me. My ministry has done well. Netaji you know that. What is my fault in all this? I have listened to both the CM and Netaji".

11.09 am: Shivpal exposed Akhilesh- says he told me that he would float a new party. Yes he told me that. Akhilesh had earlier denied floating a new party.

11.08 am: Shivpal Yadav responds to the hooting against him at the party office and says, "Only those who are unauthorised are shouting. I could have also called in my people and shouted. I have contributed to the party. I have been working since 1972, the year the CM was born".

11.05 am: Shivpal Yadav begins his address. Says indiscipline will not be tolerated in the party.This party is what it is only because of Netaji (Mulayam).

11.03 am: Akhilesh gets emotional. Breaks down at party office in Lucknow says, "I have only done what my father has told me".

11.01 am: Teary eyed Akhilesh says, "If your party is at stake, then my career too is on the line. What will I do if I leave politics? This is my career".

11.00 am: Akhilesh to Mulayam, "I was hurt when Amar Singh said by November I won't be the CM".

10.58 am: Was very hurt when I heard that you wanted to remove me from the party. This is your party, Akhilesh tells Mulayam.

10.57 am: You asked me to sack Prajapati, Akhilesh tells Mulayam.

10.56 am: "If there is a conspiracy against the party, I will have it investigated," says Akhilesh.

10.54 am: "If you had asked for my resignation, I would have submitted it," Akhilesh tells Mulayam.

10.54 am: "I am not forming any new party. That is a lie," says Akhilesh.

10.53 am: There is a conspiracy against me alleges Akhilesh Yadav. I have only worked for the welfare of the people, the UP CM says at the SP meet.

10.50 am: Meeting begins with supporters of CM and Shivpal Yadav exchanging blows.

10.36 am: Ahead of party meet Akhilesh: "Some people are trying to create confusion in Samajwadi Party. I want to speak first to Mulayam Singh and Shivpal Yadav".

10.25 am: CM Akhilesh meets father Mulayam Singh Yadav ahead of party meet.

10.22 am: Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav reaches Samajwadi Party office in Lucknow.

10.17 am: Mulayam Singh Yadav arrives at Samajwadi Party's office in Lucknow. He has called for the party meet.

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