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Little Bhima Bravely Fights Multiple Organ Failure

"We had been missing out on the signs for some time. He would be in a state of severe exhaustion after a little game of Catch and Cook or we would randomly notice unexplained red marks turn up on his body."

For T Thippanna, watching his son jump around with the enthusiasm that only a 2-year-old can muster, was the most peaceful part of his day. They were a simple family living in a small village in Mahabubnagar district of Telangana. The husband and wife worked as agricultural labourers and were paid a minimum daily wage that they tried to make the most of. The 3 people family was in every way, complete.

Little Bhima Bravely Fights Multiple Organ Failure

It all began with baby Bhima vomiting uncontrollably. The family checked his food intake for the entire day but could find nothing amiss. His fever had warmed his bed and the family was greatly distressed. The symptoms kept adding on one by one as striking red rashes gripped his face and lethargy wouldn't leave him. Their little one refused to eat everything even his favourite laddoos.

Each hospital they went to recommended other doctors, other treatments. They were stuck in a loop, and their baby was paying for the delay with his health. Until finally, he was admitted to Little Stars Children's Hospital where he is diagnosed with Dengue Hemorrhagic Syndrome. His body is slowly giving up as his organs are shutting down one by one. His liver has already failed and his heart is struggling to make do.

Click here and get the bank details if you wish to help Bhima Shankar.

Little Bhima Bravely Fights Multiple Organ Failure

The family has already borrowed Rs. 3 Lakh from their relatives and their savings have depleted months ago. Bhima is currently in the PICU on Life Saving Respiratory Support. There are multiple blood transfusions and pumps attached to help his heart pump blood. The family needs Rs. 10 Lakh to continue this treatment which is the only thing keeping him alive right now.

Little Bhima Bravely Fights Multiple Organ Failure

Bhima was named after the mighty Pandava brother in Hindu mythology.

While Bhima fights to regain his strength, let's all support him with what we are capable of. Any small contribution from your side can help Bhima survive.

You can help him fight his way to recovery by contributing to his fundraiser here.

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