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LG Polymers in Vizag gets Styrene inhibitor from Dorf Ketal to increase safety

By Anuj Cariappa

New Delhi, May 16: Dorf Ketal Chemicals has dispatched its Patented Actify series of Green Retarder and Styrene Polymer Inhibitor to LG Polymers Vizag, where there was a serious gas leak reported on Thursday morning.

The Dorf Ketal product will be added into the tanks of the styrene stored at LG Polymers, Vizag. This will prevent further degradation and hence another probable gas leak, thereby ensuring the site is safe.

Vizag gas leak: LG Polymers gets Styrene inhibitor to increase safety

ACtify Green Retarder is a new innovative green polymer retardant that is thermally stable and provides excellent protection during unscheduled shutdowns.

The Procurement office from LG called up Dorf Ketal to procure ACtify 2680 - it's patented Green Retarder on the basis that Actify 2680 is safe to use and handle . And that is how Dorf Ketal got involved to help LG in India.

Dorf was asked to give ACtify 2680 and ACtify 2673. ACtify 2673 is a polymerisation inhibitor which is used in Styrene plants.

The entire activity unfolds to the midnight of May 7 and Dorf Ketal Mundra plant has to supply the material. The whole plant swiftly swings into action to get the material ready.

LG Polymers in Vizag gets Styrene inhibitor from Dorf Ketal to increase safety

One team was looking at arranging the transportation of the material from Mundra to Visakhapatnam as it needed to reach soon. Another team was getting the stocks of ACtify 2,680 and 2,673 ready, checked physically at the Mundra warehouse.

Mundra is told to keep material ready dispatch anytime. There was a challenge due to limited manpower in the plant in view of the social distancing norms.

On the May 9, Dorf Ketal is informed that the material would be airlifted as it is very urgent. They were told to pass on the details of the factory and nearest airport. After doing so they awaited further instructions.

Meanwhile, the Dorf Ketal Plant had got the material fully packed and ready, waiting for final instructions for dispatch. All departments were kept on standby to intervene for any quick decisions, if necessary, so that there was no delay.

Vizag gas leak: LG Polymers gets Styrene inhibitor to increase safety

The Whole Government Machinery - both State and Central swung into action in unison to get the necessary permissions in place and move the material from Dorf Ketal, Mundra to Vizag.

The information that this material needs to reach Vizag from Mundra on priority is given to Government of AP, Government of Gujarat, Collector's office in Gujarat, Collector's office in AP and Ministry of Chemicals & Fertiliser of Government of India.

There was a commitment from each of them that all help would be given with necessary permissions to move the material on high priority.

During the process, there were multiple calls from the government officers to the Dorf Ketal Team, including its founder Subodh Menon, enquiring if they need any help or permission.

The documentation is done by 3 pm and and since Dorf Ketal Mundra Plant is the in the Adani Port SEZ, the customs clearance was mandatory. It was decide to stick to the process and on the other hand the persons involved were pushed to move at double speed, so that no time was lost.

LG Polymers in Vizag gets Styrene inhibitor from Dorf Ketal to increase safety

An official from the Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals - Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilisers was co-ordinating the overall efforts from the GOI. On the other hand, the Industries commissioner of AP Government was coordinating the movement of the material.

Since the country is under lockdown due to Covid 19 - there were no options to move the material in the shortest duration to control the situation at Vizag. Finally the Central Home Ministry got involved and gave permissions to Airlift the material from Mundra with the Help of the Indian Air Force. Since the Adani Group had a private air strip couple of kilometres away from the Dorf Ketal Plant, it was decided to use that instead of the commercial airport at Kandla which is around 50 plus kilometres away.

The officials from Adani group quickly made necessary arrangements to receive the transport aircraft of the Indian Air Force. The Indian Air Force, flew two sorties of its AN32 aircraft to Mundra, where it picked up Dorf Ketal's material from the Adani Airstrip.

Dorf Ketal Employees themselves helped to load the material with forklifts. Hopefully after the addition of the Styrene Inhibitor, the LG Polymers site should be now completely safe.

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