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Last Solar Eclipse of 2021 today: Visibility in India, Do's and don'ts to follow

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New Delhi, Dec 04: Sky gazers across the world set to witness last Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan today. It is going to be a total solar eclipse 2021.

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon moves between the Sun and Earth, casting a shadow on Earth, fully or partially blocking the Sun's light in some areas. A total solar eclipse happens when, the Sun, Moon, and Earth would be in a direct line.

Last Solar Eclipse of 2021 today: Visibility in India, Dos and donts to follow

During a total solar eclipse, people living in the region can see the Sun's corona, the outer atmosphere, which is otherwise usually obscured by the bright face of the Sun. According to NASA, the only place where this total solar eclipse can be seen is Antarctica.

Unfortunately, the much-awaited solar celestial event will not be visible in India. If weather permits, you can get a glimpse of solar eclipse eclipse from Union Glacier, Antarctica, that will be streamed on YouTube and on nasa.gov/live.

Parts of Saint Helena, Namibia, Lesotho, South Africa, South Georgia and Sandwich Islands, Crozet Islands, Falkland Islands, Chile, New Zealand, and Australia will see a partial solar eclipse on Dec. 4.

Dos and Don'ts On A Solar Eclipse Day

  • It is believed that chanting the mantras of Surya on the day of solar eclipse, brings good luck and happiness. The time is auspicious for meditation as well.
  • Pregnant women are advised not to go out at this time. The harmful radiations of the sun might penetrate through the delicate skin of the belly covering the foetus of the woman.
  • One must even avoid eating plants and fruits exposed to the sun.
  • One should avoid using knives as well as other such objects during the solar eclipse.
  • People are advised to avoid eating or cooking during this period.
  • Avoid sleeping during this time.
  • Avoid touching Tulsi or Shami plant.

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