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Labour shortage may hamper rebuilding of the flood-affected areas of Kerala

By Vinod

New Delhi, Aug 21: Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan has sounded very optimistic when he says that state will set an example in rebuilding and rehabilitation in the state. However, the rebuilding is an issue where people in the state are little apprehensive about due to the work being labour intensive.

Helps are pouring in the state not only from the different areas and people of the country but also from abroad. Food, medicine and other relief materials are reaching to them with all armed forces, police, paramilitary, railways and other government authorities including state government coming into action. So much so that Lakshdweep has provided its three big boats to Kerala besides other assistance. As water recedes, people will go back to their homes which are destroyed and sometimes turned into rubble in some cases in 12 to 14 districts of the state.

Labour shortage may hamper rebuilding of the flood-affected areas of Kerala

People involved in the rescue and rehabilitation work said that once rain stops and water level starts going down people will go to their houses but in the flood affected mostly middle class and upper middle class people are affected. Their houses are no more in condition to live.

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One of the residence of the flood affected area M Unnikrishnan Nair said that rebuilding the flood affected area would be a daunting task for the government and individuals alike. The state needs to build caved in, washed away roads and people need to rebuild their houses. All these works are labour-intensive work.

Nair said that it is very difficult in Kerala to get labour forget about getting cheap labours. For laying roads you need huge number of labours to bring normalcy of life. Similarly walls of houses are broken, electricity is damaged and water pipelines are affected in many ways. There are many unseen problems that people would face. They all need to be dealth with.

The government officials informed that the labour issue is likely to crop up as most of the labourers in Kerala come from Orissa, Bihar, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan and in this ravaging flood they have gone back to their respective states and bringing back to them will be a daunting task.

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The government sources said that this should also be discussed at the government level so enough worker are available in the state for speedy rebuilding in the state to bring normalcy of life. Of course the state needs huge money to get all these things done. Some medical attention is also required so all those paramedics belonging to Kerala must come back to serve the state till things don't come on track.

Nair said that the state is called Dubai of India in terms of cost of labour. So to deal with the situation, the state government must also look into these issues as well. It should not wait for the moment when they are really required.

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