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Kerala module ISIS clip: Why it is so chilling, worrying and real

By Vicky

A chilling audio clip was released by the Kerala module of the Islamic State in which it called on Muslims to carry out lone wolf attacks. A host of officials in the security agencies that OneIndia spoke with say that it is a clear sign that the module in India is getting desperate.

Kerala module ISIS clip: Why it is so chilling, worrying and real

Over the past year and half, the module in Kerala which is centred in Kasargod had managed to send at least 100 people to ISIS controlled territory in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now with the scanner on its activities high, there is a sense of desperation that has crept in.

ISIS' advise for Kerala Muslims: Poison food at Thrissur pooram, Kumbh Mela

The manner in which the module boss Abdul Rashid calls for attacks clearly shows that they want to replicate what the ISIS has been doing in the West in India. It was a clear call for a lone wolf strike. He goes on to suggest methods on how easily one can kill without the conventional weapon.

For instance he says a lone wolf must to to the Kumbh Mela or Thrissur Pooram and poison the food. He also says that if this is not possible then a vehicle can be used to run over people.

The message also has a clear communal colour to it. The targets are large Hindu religious congregations. Rashid is sure that if any such attack of this nature is carried out, then there would be widespread communal clashes. Terrorist groups thrive on communal clashes as it always helps boost recruitments.

Can't do hijra, then Jihad is the option says Kerala ISIS module boss

The 10 minute audio clip also speaks about how Muslims must do hijra in ISIS controlled territory. It says if that is not possible then they should either do jihad or fund it, he also goes on to state.

Intelligence Bureau officials say that the ISIS has big plans for Kerala. There is a lot of radicalisation that has been taking place in that state. It began with Wahhabism and with everyone turning a blind eye to the spread of Wahhabism, it was easy for the ISIS to seize control over the minds of many, the officer further notes.

The audio clip, agencies say needs to be viewed very seriously. The ISIS controlled territory is shrinking rapidly. However that cannot be said in the case of the ideology which is spreading fast and wide. If the ISIS does manage to carry out such an attack, it can become a norm. There are many in Kerala who are capable of doing that officials also warn.

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