Kejriwal-Congress truce in Delhi: Chidambaram reveals truth

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New Delhi, Jan 20: Month after formation of government in Delhi, Union Finance Minister -- P Chidambaram revealed the truth behind truce between Congress and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). The union minister admitted that Congress was indeed divided over the decision to support AAP from outside.

During an interview with a daily, Chidambaram was quoted as saying, "I think it was an unnecessary decision. No decision was called for."

"We had eight seats and were reduced to third place. We were neither voted to form the government nor voted to be the principal opposition party. So we should have just kept quiet," added the minister.

We had 8 seats, were reduced to 3rd place. So we should have just kept quiet

Continuing his statement, Chidambaram asserted, "Whether it was the right decision or otherwise, time will tell. But let me reiterate that opinion was divided within the party on whether we should offer outside support to AAP."

The minister also informed that the decision of supporting AAP to form government in the national capital was mainly taken by the Congress's local unit in Delhi.

Speaking about Kejriwal's threat to take action against former government officials in connection with 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games (CWG), Chidambaram asked the former to nab the guilty.

The minister was quoted as saying, "Kejriwal has made hundreds of allegations against hundreds of people. If the Delhi government has material to take action against anyone - politician or a civil servant - they should simply take action. Why constantly speak about it."

He also added, "So why constantly harp on it. If there is material, take action." Chidambaram's statement made it clear that the minister was unhappy with Congress's decision to give unconditional support to AAP.

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