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Jharkhand Exit Poll Results 2019 Updates: BJP to get 22-30, JMM 28 says JanKiBaat exit poll

By Anuj Cariappa

Ranchi, Dec 21: The fifth and final phase of election took place in 16 assembly constituency in Jharkhand on Friday and the exit-poll numbers don't look good for BJP. The pollsters projected contradicting results. The results of JanKiBaat Exit Poll on Jharkhand along with Republic media network predicts BJP to get 22-30, JMM 28 says JanKiBaat exit poll.

While C-Voter sees the possibility of a hung house, India Today projects a better chance of Congress-JMM alliance getting a majority. And Times Now exit poll is somewhere in between.

Meanwhile, the Sudesh Mahto-led AJSU with 10 seats between them is expected to play a key role in the government formation in Jharkhand.

Jharkhand Exit Poll Results 2019: Can the BJP retain power?

Stay tuned for all the updates on Jharkhand Exit Poll Results:

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6:35 PM, 21 Dec
BJP to get 22-30, JMM 28 says JanKiBaat exit poll.
6:17 PM, 21 Dec
The results of JanKiBaat Exit Poll on Jharkhand along with Republic media network is out.
9:59 PM, 20 Dec
Jharkhand Exit Poll 2019- Final Tally
Jharkhand Exit Poll 2019- Final Tally
Here's the Final tally. These are just exit polls and there are many instances where they were proved wrong.
9:22 PM, 20 Dec
Sudesh Mahto-led AJSU, which was earlier part of the out-going NDA government decided to move away from the saffron party due to differences over seat sharing. However, with the exit polls predicting BJP falling short of majority, Mahto may turn out to be the King Maker in the tribal state.
9:07 PM, 20 Dec
According to Times Now exit poll, BJP is slated to get 28 seats in the 81-member house.
9:03 PM, 20 Dec
Congress, JMM, RJD to together win 44 seats out of a total of 81, predicts Times Now
8:54 PM, 20 Dec
India Today Exit Poll vote share:
India Today Exit Poll vote share predicted that Cong+JMM expected to get 37 per cent vote share. Here's the break up: BJP: 34 per cent, Cong+JMM: 37 per cent, AJSU: 9 per cent, JVM: 6 per cent and Others: 14 per cent
8:53 PM, 20 Dec
Here's gender-wise vote share
8:03 PM, 20 Dec
Kashish News predicts 25-30 for BJP, 37-49 for JMM-Congress, 3-5 for AJSU and 2-4 for others.
7:45 PM, 20 Dec
BJP dismisses exit polls. Chief Minister Raghubar Das says that the BJP will retain Jharkhand.
7:40 PM, 20 Dec
In the 81 member house, the magic number is 41. According to the India Today-Axis My India poll, the JMM and Congress will form the government as the two parties are tipped to win 38 to 50 seats.
7:37 PM, 20 Dec
2-4, JVM, 3-5-AJSU and 4-7 others says India Today- Axis My India exit polls.
7:36 PM, 20 Dec
22-32 for BJP, 38-50 for JMM Congress says India Today-Axis MyIndia exit poll.
7:27 PM, 20 Dec
The JVM and the AJSU are likely to bag 3 to 5 seats respectively. The remaining 5 seats would be divided between the others says the C-Voter exit poll.
7:25 PM, 20 Dec
The C-Voter exit polls has predicted that the JMM-Congress-RJD combine will win 35 seats. The BJP may end up with 32 which would mean that Jharkhand would have a hung assembly.
7:21 PM, 20 Dec
In the 2014 polls, the BJP won 37 while the Congress got 6 seats. The rest were shared by the state parties.
7:21 PM, 20 Dec
The AJSU which is tipped to win 3-7 seats said that it is not opposed to doing business with the BJP. The party chief, Sudesh Mahato said that the channels with the BJP are not closed. We are open to doing business with them, he further added.
7:17 PM, 20 Dec
The exit polls says that the Congress-JMM_RJD combine will get 31-39 seats in the 81 member house. The BJP is lily to get 28-36 seats. Further the exit poll says that the AJSU is likely to get 3-7 while the JVM would end up with 1-4.
7:17 PM, 20 Dec
The IANS-CVoter-ABP exit poll predicts that the JMM-Congress-RJD combine has the edge.
7:07 PM, 20 Dec
Smaller parties like the AJSU are tipped to get 3-7 seats and Babulal Marandi's JVM likely to get 1-4 seats
7:07 PM, 20 Dec
BJP's tally likely to be in the range of 28-36, predicts IANS-CVoter-ABP exit poll
7:06 PM, 20 Dec
According to the exit poll, the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha-Congress-RJD alliance is slated to get 31-39 seats in the 81-member house
7:05 PM, 20 Dec
Jharkhand is headed for a hung assembly, predicts IANS-CVoter-ABP exit poll
6:55 PM, 20 Dec
In-detail numbers and figures of Democracy Times Exit Poll for will be released at 12 pm
6:50 PM, 20 Dec
Democracy Times Exit Poll for predicts a collapse of the Raghubhar Das led BJP government in Jharkhand.
6:38 PM, 20 Dec
The Jan Ki Baat Exit Poll on Jharkhand will be released tomorrow morning 21 December on Republic channel.
6:15 PM, 20 Dec
Jharkhand exit poll from Axis team that’s got every poll in 2019 spot on
6:03 PM, 20 Dec
68.99% voter turnout recorded till 5pm in fifth phase
5:31 PM, 20 Dec
The seats that went to polls in the fifth phase are Borio (ST), Barhait (ST), Litipara (ST), Maheshpur (ST), Sikaripara (ST), Rajmahal, Pakur, Nalla, Jamtara, Dumka (ST), Jama (ST), Jarmundi, Sarath, Poreyahat, Godda and Mahagama.
5:31 PM, 20 Dec
A total of 62.65 per cent voter turnout was registered till 3 pm in the Jharkhand.

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